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Sujoy Chowdhury

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Why MWSU: I  selected this graduate program because of its strong emphasis on usability.

Education: B.S.  in Computer Science & Engineering (Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology Dhaka)

“My undergraduate major was computer science and engineering. After graduation, I worked in the telecom industry for 3 years where I was responsible for mobile software and services for millions of users. There I became aware of the value of user-centered design process and usability testing. So, I started looking for graduate programs for formal training in this domain. The newly introduced human factors graduate program at Missouri Western could not have been a better fit. Its curriculum had an emphasis on the Psychology of Design, along with hands-on training in usability techniques. I learned not only from my faculties who had proven track records in HCI research, but also from my classmates who came from multi-disciplinary backgrounds. Together we conducted applied usability research, as well as collaborated with companies from different industries to improve the usability of their products and services. I got the opportunity to intern at a world renowned user experience research lab because of the unique skills this program equipped me with. Therefore I strongly recommend this graduate program to anybody who is interested in the exciting profession of usability or user experience.”

– Sujoy Kumar Chowdhury


Internship: MotorolaFurthering Education: MIT Media Lab

He worked as an intern with his mentor at the Motorola User Experience Research Team to create a functional Android prototype of the Serendipitous Family Stories system.  It allows family members to create visual and audio stories about places of importance to them and their relatives to discover serendipitously as they go about their lives. A patent was filed at the US Patent office recently where Sujoy has been recognized as a co-inventor. He received an IP Award from Motorola because of this achievement.

Additionally, Sujoy was a member of a multi-disciplinary intern team that was recognized as runner-up in the ‘Motorola Intern Apprentice Competition 2010’. They earned this honor amongst Motorola’s 325 interns this summer in 20 locations from over 100 universities represented

Skills: Certified  Usability Analyst (CUA), Project Management Professional (PMP), 4+ years of  experience in mobile value added services

Research Interests: Cognitive Psychology (Attention), Mobile User  Experience, Memory & Aging

Chowdhury, S. & Wynn, J. (2011). Cowabunga!: A system to facilitate multi-cultural diversity through CouchSurfing. Computer-Human Interaction Conference (Student Design Competition).
Chowdhury, S. K. & Still, J. D. (2010, March). Effect of opacity of stimulus in deployment of interest in an interface. Poster presented at the Great Plains Conference, St. Joseph, MO. {*Awarded 1st Place*}