Department of Psychology

Joseph Grgic

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Why MWSU: It  focuses on using cognitive psychology to further our understanding of good and  bad product designs.

Education: B.S. Psychology (Iowa State University)

Internship: Carnegie MellonWorking as:  freelance Interaction Designer in New York, New York

He worked as a research assistant at Carnegie Mellon University in the HCI department. Joseph researched haptic perception of visco-elastic  tissues using a magnetic levitation haptic device. In addition, he was involved in  multidisciplinary collaborations between CMU and the University of Pittsburgh with the intention of developing in-situ microscopes and to  explore the possible application of haptic devices during medical procedures.

Further, Joseph co-authored a presentation at  the tactile research group for research on haptic perception, specifically of viscous  stiffness, (Wu, Klatzky, Hollis & Grgic, 2010) and currently a manuscript  is in preparation.

Skills: Programming:  C, Java, Perl, Visual Basic; Usability Testing; Research Methods & Design;  Data Analysis; National Guard Simulator Evaluation

Research Interests: Human Factors (Visual), Attention (eye tracking), Display Design, Ubiquitous  Computing (peripheral design)

Grgic, J. & Still, J. D. (2010, May). Affordance interactions are affected by spatial working memory load. Poster presented at the meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, IL.
Grgic, J. E., Masciocchi, C. & Still, J. D. (2010, March). Designing human-centered notifications. Poster presented at the Great Plains Conference, St. Joseph, MO. {*Awarded 3rd Place*}
Still, J. D., Grgic, J. & Still, M. L. (2011, February). Revealing user button-to-action mappings through describing and acting. Paper presented at the 7th STL UX Conference, St. Louis, MO.