Department of Psychology

Adjunct Faculty

The MWSU Psychology Department utilizes a few carefully selected adjunct instructors to allow us to better serve our students. Each has unique qualities that they bring to the classroom.

If you need to get in touch with an adjunct, please use their MWSU email address or call the main Psychology office (816) 271-4444. You can also come to the main Psychology office in Murphy Hall 217.

Lisa Doyle

  • MA, University of South Dakota
Courses: General Psychology and Psychology of Addiction

Lisa owns a local addiction counseling center and has a wealth of practical counseling experience.

Nekita Fuller

  • EdD., Nova Southeastern University
  • MA, University of Missouri
  • BS, Park University
Courses: General Psychology

Chelsea Howlett

  • MS, Avila University
  • BA, Missouri Western State University
Courses: General Psychology and Health/Stress Management

Chelsea works at the Noyes Home for Children and has a degree in Art Therapy. She brings real-world experience working with troubled children to the department.

Evelyn McBride

Evelyn McBride

  • PhD, University of Vienna
Courses: Lifespan Developmental Psychology

Brian Mills

  • MS, Bentley University
  • BA, Brandeis University
  • Human Factors International, Certification, Usability Analyst
Courses: Graduate Coursework in Human Factors and Usability Testing

Brian is a Usability Professional at U.S. Department of Agriculture and has a lifetime of real-world experience and knowledge in Usability Testing at several Fortune 500 companies.