Department of Psychology


Dr. Jon Mandracchia

  • Psychology majors have worked in local offices such as Riverbend Rehabilitation Center, Youth Services Group Homes, United Cerebral Palsy, Heartland Mental Health Unit, Buchanan County Prosecutor’s Office, Buchanan County Juvenile Office and Family Guidance Center, to name a few.
  • Practicum experiences are offered each Fall and Spring semester to a small number of students. These experiences provide senior students in psychology the opportunity to apply their knowledge to an actual situation in the field. The student is expected to spend a total of 85 hours (about 6 hours per week) during
    the semester engaged in on-site activities (i.e., “direct contact hours”), which includes 1 hour per week of on-site supervision, plus 1 hour per week of on-campus faculty supervision (with Dr. Mandracchia). A journal/log is kept throughout the experience and becomes a part of the student’s file at the end of the experience. Each student must make arrangements for their on-site supervisor to write a letter of evaluation to the faculty supervisor upon completion of the experience.

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