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Leadership Skills Training

If you are leading a company, you know that the corporate strategies and organizational structures that brought you this far will not guarantee competitive advantage for tomorrow. Western Institute can provide specialized leadership training for you and your employees.

Western Institute offers training in three internationally recognized curriculums, Achieve Global™ (AG), Development Dimensions International (DDI) and American Management Association (AMA).

In addition, we have locally developed curriculum available.

These courses are available to you in-house or on Missouri Western's campus and can be customized to fit your company’s needs.

Achieve Global™

Achieve Global™ programs are geared for leaders at all levels including managers, supervisors, team leaders and individual contributors. Classes are customizable to meet your organizations needs. Suggested class sizes are between 8 and 20 participants.

Training programs focus on Achieving Results Through Genuine Leadership®, Needs-Based Coaching™, WorkSkills: Steps to Your Success®, and Facilitating for Results™.

Please call Peggy Ellis at (816) 271-4116 for more information about customizing Achieve Global™ for your business or organization.

Achieving Results Through Genuine Leadership®

Countless challenges—most notable the rise of the global economy and its impact on countries everywhere, are forcing leaders worldwide into uncharted territory and redefining what it takes to be a successful leader. In the face of these challenges, the right leadership skills are critical. Strong leaders boost morale, job satisfaction, and employee retention—which, in turn, boosts productivity and results. Areas of study in this program include personal leadership, conflict resolution, team productivity, coaching others, generations in the workplace, leading meetings with results, and performance appraisals.

Genuine Leadership® Training Modules

Profiles in Genuine Leadership™

The purpose of Profiles in Genuine Leadership™ is to assess your ability and plan actions to meet the leadership demands of a complex 21st-century environment. During the session, you’ll complete a variety of individual and group activities that explore these topics:

  • Your leadership profile
  • Research-based picture of leadership today
  • Interpreting your leadership profile
  • Applying your strengths and reducing your liabilities
The Principles and Qualities of Genuine Leadership®

The purpose of this module is to help participants attain results in their job by applying and developing the principles and qualities of genuine leadership.

The Principles and Qualities of Genuine Leadership®: Manager’s Version

The purpose of this module is to help participants attain results for their organization by applying and developing the principles and qualities of genuine leadership.

Building Trust Under Pressure: The Basic Principles™

The purpose of this module is to help you address the challenges you face by applying a universal set of leadership principles that build trust with others,--even under pressure-packed conditions, establish a wide network of effective relationships, diffuse highly charged situations and maintain a positive work environment.

Addressing Emotions At Work™

The purpose of this module is to provide participants with strategies to address strong emotions—theirs and, when appropriate, those of the people they work with.

Resolving Conflicts with Your Peers™

The purpose of this module is to provide participants with a process for resolving conflicts with their peers that encourages shared solutions, while building constructive work relationships.

Listening in a Hectic World™

The purpose of this module is to help participants sharpen their listening skills so they can quickly get the information they need to achieve results, while maintaining constructive relationships with others.

Speaking to Influence Others™

The purpose of this module is to provide participants with speaking techniques and strategies that achieve business results by gaining the attention, ensuring the understanding, and influencing the actions of other people.

Problem-Solving Results: Solutions, Improvements, And Innovations™

The purpose of this expanded module is to provide participants with skills, strategies, and tools for solving problems collaboratively. There are 4 Units to this minimum 2 day module that cover:

  • Connecting People and Process
  • Exploring Gaps, Causes, and Solutions
  • Deciding on a Solution
  • Making It Happen
Developing Others™

The purpose of this module is to help participants develop others, thereby helping them expand their capabilities so they will have the confidence to work independently and tackle new challenges.

Providing Constructive Feedback™

The purpose of this module is to help participants provide constructive feedback in a way that builds openness and mutual respect, and promotes problem solving and learning.

Giving Recognition™

The purpose of this module is to help participants recognize and reinforce behaviors that lead to desired results. The impact of recognition, tailoring recognition to the recipient, barriers to giving recognition and planning and practicing recognition will be covered.

Planning for Performance Discussions™

The purpose of this module is to help participants prepare for performance-related discussions with employees that lead to increased productivity, collaboration, and achievement of critical goals.

Clarifying Performance Expectations™

The purpose of this module is to help participants discuss performance expectations with their employees in a way that gains their commitment.

Conduction Performance Reviews™

The purpose of this module is to help participants conduct a performance review that will increase employee motivation, learning, productivity, and collaboration throughout the year.

Building Team Pride and Purpose™

The purpose of this module is to help participants instill pride and purpose in their teams.

Developing Team Agility: Day-to-Day Tools™

The purpose of this module is to provide participants with strategies and actions for building high levels of team agility: Quickness, flexibility, and adaptability.

Resolving Conflicts Within Your Team™

The purpose of this module is to help participants resolve conflicts that hinder a team’s ability to produce results.

Negotiating Resources for Your Team™

The purpose of this module is to provide participants with the negotiation skills needed to secure resources for their teams.

The Hallmarks of Supervisory Success™

The purpose of this module is to help participants develop strategies to effectively assume the supervisory role. Participants will explore the topics of building personal credibility, activating work group commitment and establishing a partnership with your manager.

Delegating for Shared Success™

The purpose of this module is to help participants develop the planning, interpersonal, and follow-up skills critical for successful delegation.

Activating Change: Individual Contributor Version™

The purpose of this module is to help participants learn and apply three practices that will help them activate their change capability.

Leading Innovation: From Concept to Customer Value™

The purpose of this workshop is to provide leaders at all levels of the organization with the framework and practices required to make innovation pay off.

Leading Virtually: A Framework for Results™

This module is designed to provide strategies, tactics, and skills to improve ability to lead virtual teams. Participants learn ways to achieve group cohesion and individual commitment, by recognizing three psychological needs – and then create the conditions to help individuals satisfy those needs.

Managing Your Priorities™

In this module, participants will learn to make better decisions about their daily work. Participants learn techniques that help them deal with complex interpersonal interactions, build strong work relationships, and increase their overall productivity, even in an environment where changing priorities are a daily reality.

Personal Strategies for Navigating Change™

This unit provides an approach to navigating change—an approach that people in any organization can use effectively. Participants explore skills that help them deal with change both individually and interpersonally, and they develop strategies to deal effectively with a change that’s difficult for them.

Generations in the Workplace™
In today’s diverse workforce, four generations must contribute to organizational results every day. The purpose of this program is to expose common age-related stereotypes and develop practices that promote collaboration across generational groups. Participants will explore and practice these key skills for eliminating age-based stereotypes from their work teams:

  • Challenge stereotypes
  • Find common ground
  • Find talents in everyone
  • Mix it up
  • Expect a lot
Needs-Based Coaching™

The Needs-Based Coaching™ Series is designed to help leaders develop skills that can help them coach effectively on a daily basis. The series provides a coaching framework and key actions that support the internal motivation of employees and maximize the performance of work groups.

Needs-Based Coaching™ Training Modules

Shaping a Motivational Workplace™

The purpose of this module is to teach leaders how to create an environment that inspires superior performance by helping employees satisfy their basic psychological needs.

Giving Needs-Based Feedback™

The purpose of this module is to provide leaders with the skills to give feedback that supports employees’ internal motivation to deliver organizational results.

Realizing Talent in Others™

The purpose of this module is to teach leaders a collaborative process and skills to develop capabilities in others that meet the motivational needs of each individual and match the need of the organization to optimize results.

Offering Rewards and Recognition™

The purpose of this module is to teach leaders how to offer rewards and recognition that support competence, strengthen relationships, and encourage internal motivation in others.

WorkSkills™: Steps to Your Success

WorkSkills™ addresses the specific needs of today’s line and staff support employees. New hires as well as established employees will benefit from this program.

WorkSkills™ Steps to Your Success Training Modules

What it Takes to Succeed: The Basic Principles™

This unit addresses the basics of success in the workplace: minimal expectations (including appropriate dress, regular attendance and other aspects of a strong work ethic) as well as broad guidelines for day-to-day interactions with others.

Getting the Information You Need™

This module centers on a four-step process for identifying gaps in knowledge, asking focused questions, encouraging others to share information and checking their own understanding of what they hear. Overall, the module helps participants gain skill and confidence in asking for and verifying the information they need to succeed at work.

Speaking With Confidence™

The four-step process in this module helps participants prepare and deliver a clear message. The module includes practical tips on overall organization and presentation, and helps participants look at the information from the listener’s point of view.

Positive Responses to Change™

This module offers a four-step process for making the most of change, rather than resisting or just enduring it. The module helps participants come to grips with their own resistance, weigh their option, find positive responses and encourage others to do the same. The module fosters practical optimism by helping participants see the bright side of the new situation rather than dwelling on what is lost.

Defusing Emotionally Charged Situations™

This module helps participants explore the consequences—for themselves and others—of allowing emotion to get the better of them. They then work together to identify their individual “hot buttons” and develop appropriate coping strategies They also consider and apply guidelines for handling others who may be out of control emotionally, and move the conversation toward calm, rational problem-solving.

Helping Your Team Work™

This module takes a close look at key team behaviors—thinking big picture., extending a hand, appreciating others and making one’s needs known. Participants recognize the value of strong teamwork and the consequences of a lack of teamwork in the opening activity of this class.

Managing Life Outside of Work: Handling Emergencies and Resisting Temptations™

This module helps participants cope with a range of issues and events that can make it hard for them to meet an employer’s minimum requirements. They begin by identifying the emergencies (e.g., a car problem) and temptations (e.g., a day at the beach) they may encounter. They then learn and apply a four-step process for developing emergency plans and a five-step process for resisting ( and rewarding themselves for resisting) common temptations to “call in sick” or just not show up.

Leading Meetings: Facilitating for Results™

This course provides skills which are required to make meetings more effective. These skills will encourage the successful combination of the knowledge, ability, and creativity of individual group members so they powerfully combine to generate the best results.

  • Prepare the group for a focused meeting
  • Encourage diverse points of view
  • Keep the group focused and moving
  • Make sure the action items are planned
  • American Management Association (AMA)

    Training technologies come and go…but AMA’s programs are the answer to today’s lean, cost-conscious workplace—providing quality cost-effective training. More than 65 courses, developed by business and education experts, provide the latest management practices and real-world solutions—complete with diagrams, charts, assessments, exercises, chapter reviews and testing components. AMA’s courses can be tailored to every training requirement.

    Training programs cover a wide range of topics and can be customized to fit your training needs. Call 816-271-4116 for more information.

    Several training programs cover a large range of workplace topics including:

    • Administrative Professionals
    • Business Writing and Presentation Skills
    • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
    • Finance for Managers
    • Human Resources and Training
    • Leadership and Strategic Management
    • Management and Supervisory Skills
    • Customer Service/Marketing
    • Personal Development
    • Plant and Manufacturing Management
    • Purchasing and Project Management
    Development Dimensions International (DDI)

    Interaction Management®: Exceptional Leaders (ExLSM)

    Competitive organizations need people driven to stay longer, try harder, accomplish more, and take pride in their work. That takes great leaders and teams.

    Competition and complexity have made frontline leaders’ jobs more challenging than ever before. Leaders face increasing pressure to deliver results, reduce costs, innovate, and motivate a diverse workforce that crosses organizational and geographic boundaries. Accomplishing these objectives means today’s frontline leaders need a complex combination of skills, knowledge and experience.

    IM: ExLSM develops leaders who can:

    • Effectively communicate and execute your organization’s business strategies.
    • Build a strong, committed workforce that is engaged and shows passion.
    • Successfully manage change.
    • Coach for success and help build your organization’s growth through its people.
    • Foster a culture of accountability.
    • Make the right decisions in a timely manner.
    • IM ExLSM is designed for all levels of management from top level CEO's to mid-level managers to team leaders. Classes are customizable to meet your organization’s needs. Suggested class sizes are between 8 and 16 participants. Please call Peggy Ellis at (816) 271-4116 for more information on Interaction Management®.

    The following training module topics are available and can be customized to fit your training needs. Call 816-271-4116 for more information.
    • Accelerating Business Decisions
    • Adaptive Leadership
    • Addressing Poor Performance
    • Advanced Coaching
    • Boosting Business Results
    • Building and Sustaining Trust
    • Building Winning Partnerships
    • Coaching for Peak Performance
    • Communicating for Leadership Success
    • Creating a Service Culture: The Service Leader's Role
    • Delegating with Purpose
    • Developing Yourself and Others
    • Driving Change
    • Executing Strategy at the Front Line
    • Fostering Innovation
    • Influential Leadership
    • Launching a Successful Team
    • Leading High-Performance Teams
    • Leading Virtually
    • Making High-Quality Decisions
    • Making Meetings Work
    • Mastering Interaction Skills
    • Motivating Others
    • Planning and Managing Resources
    • Reaching Agreement
    • Reinforcing Leadership Development
    • Resolving Workplace Conflict
    • Retaining Talent
    • Setting Goals and Reviewing Results
    • Your Leadership Journey