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Alec Guy & Brock Ryan

Alec Guy & Brock Ryan

Majors: Economics
Hometowns: St. Joseph, MO

When Dr. Reza Hamzaee advertised a summer research opportunity to his upper-level economics class, Alec Guy and Brock Ryan were willing volunteers. Both had backgrounds in economics and politics, and they were excited for  this new opportunity.

Working closely with Dr. Hamzaee, Alec and Brock helped research and write “Capitalism and Democracy: A Critical & Investigative Analysis of the United States Government’s Policy Making.” They had the opportunity to present their research at the 2017 International Academic Conference on Business in Maui, Hawaii, and were awarded “Best in Session” for their presentation.

“It was amazing to experience such positive feedback from great PhD.-caliber minds from all over the world,” said Brock. “Hopefully, our research will contribute to this conversation, and lives will be improved as a result,” said Alec.

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