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Ida Haefner

Ida Haefner

Major: Biology ’16

Senior Ida Haefner said it was an easy decision to spend spring break on a study away trip to Belize. As a biology major with a zoology emphasis, the experiences were invaluable.

The seven-day trip included snorkeling, hiking to Mayan ruins, the Belize Zoo, visiting a marine reserve and more. The group even set up a fishing net at night to gather and study sea life.

“It was so much fun,” Ida said. “I would love to do it again.”

The next semester after her trip, Ida found her biology classes easier because she had seen so many of the animals they were studying, in Belize.

Ida, who wants to work in zoo after graduation, completed an internship at the St. Louis Zoo following her study away trip. She got to work closely with the stingrays and sharks, thanks to her experiences in Belize.

“To go out of the country and to do so many things was amazing.”

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