MWSU Police Department

Visitor Parking

Visitors are requested to park in designated visitor parking areas. Visitors parked in the designated visitor parking areas need not register their vehicles with the Parking Services Office. Visitors who park outside of the designated visitor parking areas, in the general parking areas, are requested to first contact the Parking Services Office for parking permission and information on parking rules and regulations. Visitor parking for more than one day or repetitive parking will require a visitor-parking pass.

Visitors may obtain a visitor-parking pass for more than one day at no cost, from the Parking Services Office during normal business hours. Individual departments may obtain visitor-parking passes prior to a scheduled event by contacting the Parking Services Office. The request will be received in the Parking Services Office, and the visitor parking passes will be forwarded to the department for distribution prior to the beginning of the event. Requests should be made for the time an event is scheduled, including an estimated number of attendees, to accommodate preparation by the Parking Services Office and visitor registration mailings.  Visitors parking for large, one time events (athletic events, commencement, theatrical and musical events) need not register with Parking Services.  All visitors are required to abide by all laws and parking/traffic regulations.

Current Faculty, Staff, and Students are not considered Visitors at anytime or for any reason as long as they are currently employed or a currently registered student.  Visitor parking is provided specifically for those visiting the campus that are not currently employed or enrolled.