MWSU Police Department

Parking Citations

Parking Citations are issued for violations of Parking Rules and Regulations.  These citations are a means to control and enforce parking on Missouri Western State University.  In addition to Parking Citations, Missouri Western State University Police Department Police Officers are able to issue Moving Violations.  Moving Violations are violations of traffic laws on Missouri Western State University campus.  Police Officers have the ability to issue summons for violation of City Ordinance and/or State Law violations, but also have the ability to issue only a campus citation.  Campus citations do not affect Driving Records, Insurance, or require any court costs.

As a Student of Missouri Western State University any campus citation fines, parking or traffic, will be attached to the student’s Banner account.  As an Employee of Missouri Western State University any campus citation fines, parking or traffic, will be sent to payroll for collection.

If you have received a campus citation for either parking or traffic you have the option to appeal the citation by using the appeals process.  Appeals must be made within 10 days of the date the citation was written.  To appeal a campus citation use the Traffic Appeal Form found on the left margin.  If a citation has already been sent to a Student’s Banner account or to payroll for an Employee, you can still appeal the citation.  Any outcome from the appeals process will be updated on the Student’s Banner account, and payroll will be notified in cases of Employees.  Appeals are conducted by the Parking and Traffic Appeals Board, which is comprised of various Faculty, Staff, and Students of Missouri Western State University.  The Parking and Traffic Appeals Board meet at various times during each semester.

Persons who have accumulated ten (10) or more paid or unpaid parking citations, during a given semester, will be subject to an Excessive Parking Violation Fee of $50 per ticket in addition to the regular parking violation fee.  Additionally, MWSU students who have 10 or more parking tickets within a given semester will have citation information forwarded to the Dean of Students, and may be considered to be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct.