MWSU Police Department

Emergency Phones

Blue Light Emergency Phone

Blue light Emergency Phone Front

Parking Lot Emergency Phone Sign

Parking Lot Emergency Phone

The Missouri Western State University Police Department has provided phones in several areas on campus to be used in the case of an emergency.  Two emergency phones are located on the interior of the campus behind Spratt Hall and next to the Clock Tower. There are also several emergency phones around the Residential Halls; one located along the sidewalk between Leaverton and Vasolakos Halls, one east of the Commons Building, one near Lot F and Scanlon Hall, and another one outside Scanlon Hall Near Lot O.  All of the emergency phones are mounted on black towers and have a blue strobe light on top of the tower. Additionally, there are three emergency phones located in the parking lots around campus, the east end of Lot H, the east end of Lot K and the east end of Lot J.

The MWSU Police Department can be reached from any campus phone by dialing 4438 or by dialing (816)271-4438.  For emergencies dial 911.