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Purposes of Site:  

The purposes (goals) of this site are

·         to facilitate communication among the participants in the Missouri Section of the MAA,

·         to provide an avenue through which conference presentations can be put in a publicly accessible forum,

·         to provide an opportunity for students to view their written work in a publicly accessible forum.

This site should not be considered a substitute or equivalent to publishing in an established refereed mathematics journal.   Items published elsewhere should not be submitted for inclusion in this site.  Items included here and subsequently  published elsewhere will be eliminated from this site or will be reduced to summary and appropriate citation.




 Submission Guidelines:  

Submissions meeting the following criteria will be accepted for inclusion:

1.      Submissions must be well-written with proper citation of all sources used.  Submissions are expected to be free of spelling and grammatical errors, with clear and appropriate notation.

2.      Contents of the submission must be essentially those of the presentation given at the Missouri MAA Section meeting with limited modifications permissible for the sake of clarity.

3.      The body of each submission should be in Times New Roman, 12 pt font with standard margins of 1” top and bottom and 1” on the left and right.

4.      Submissions should be submitted in an electronic format compatible with MicroSoft Word (such as *.doc, *.ppt, *.html, *.pdf, *.dvi, etc.)

5.      Unless otherwise specified, submissions are due to andersk@missouriwestern.edu by two weeks after the annual spring meeting of the Missouri MAA.

6.      Submissions should include the following contact information:  Name, Institutional affiliation, e-mail, and in the case of a submission by a student, the name of a sponsoring faculty member.



Contributed Papers:


    2005 Meeting



     2006 Meeting


2007 Meeting


·        Determining if a Connected Region Is Minimal Length Cross Stitchable, Christine Blunk *, (NWSU)

·        Flippin' Pancakes: An Undergraduate Synthetic Biology Research Project, Dr. Jeffrey L. Poet, (MWSU)

·        Groups, Symmetry and Other Explorations with Cross Stitch, Dr. Mary D Shepherd, (NMSW)

·        Some Calculus 2 Students Seem to Prefer Procedural Approaches to Exercises over Conceptual Ones, Dr. Mary D Shepherd, (NMSU)

    2008 Meeting

2009 Meeting

                   * - denotes a student paper.