MWSU Clay Guild   2014      Twin Cups: National Ceramic Exhibition



Juror's Statement:

I was delighted to be asked by Missouri Western State University's Clay Guild to be the juror for their first ever 'Twin Cups' exhibit. I was daunted at first , but realized that while I have been a potter for over 40 years I have also been an avid collector of pots, primarily cups. I looked around my collection of nearly 200 cups and mugs and noticed that they represent every firing method I am familiar with, numerous clay types and forms, plus untold numbers of glazing methods. I own cups of famous potters, rising stars, dear friends…and the not so famous. With that in mind, I realize that I am a full-blown pottery geek and I have the knowledge and background needed to jury this show.

Before I started the jurying process I knew I wanted a show, like my own collection, with a wide variety of work. I feel I have chosen cups that represent a diverse spectrum of the ceramic world: forms and sizes, surface embellishment and glazes, firing methods, non-ceramic elements, handles, lips and feet. I also let my emotions in. There are cups that made me laugh, made me sad, made me think…and cups I can't wait to see up close, touch or drink from. In the end, every one of these cups are cups that I would take home to my own special collection.

Thanks again to David Harris, Patrick Larson and MWSU Clay Guild for this fun and insightful opportunity.

Susan Speck



Best of Show: Greg Cochenet - Structure Landscape Cups - $500.00


First Pace: Israel Davis - Caroline's Radio Flyer Dreaming / Christina's Bath Time Dreaming - $200.00




Second Place: Gin O'Keefe - Handle This ! - $100.00

Amanda Barr -
Ames, IA
Blue Skies and Grey Days
96.00 for set
Porcelain, Wheel Thrown,Underglaze Painting & Printing

April D. Felipe - Albany, OH
As We Both Were Pulling
850 for set
Hand Built Cone 6 Porcelain, Underglaze, Gouache, Hair, Soot, Felt, Graphite

Austin Riddle - Salt Lake City, UT
Trouble, I've Had All My Days
110.00 set
Cone 6, Soda Fired Porcelain, Wheel Thrown, Altered

Ann Ruel - Chesapsake, VA
The Cold Winter
65.00 for set
Porcelain, Etching, Slips, Underglazes, Glaze, Stamps, Cone5

Adrian  Sandstrom - San Clemente, CA
Red and White Cups
50.00 each / 100.00 pair SOLD red cup
Underglazes, Slips, Glazes, Lusters, Multi-fired, Cone 6 Stoneware

Adam Yungbluth - St. Petersburg, FL
Red/Orange Tumblers
90.00 for Pair
Coil Buitl Stoneware, Colored Terra Sigillata, Cone 13 Wood Fired

Adam Yungbluth - St. Petersburg, FL
Red and Orange Drinking Vessels
120.00 for Pair
Coil Buitl Stoneware, Colored Terra Sigillata, Cone 13 Wood Fired

Brent Pafford - Clemson, SC
Soda Fired Tumblers
50.00 for Pair
Porcelain, Soda Fired


BJ Watson - Carbondale, IL
Two One Pound Cups
100.00 for Pair
Wood Fired Stoneware

BJ Watson - Carbondale, IL
Diamonds in the Rough - A Set of Teabowls
120.00 for Pair
Wood Fired Stoneware


Clay Cunningham - Council Bluffs, IA
Winter Cups
90.00 for Pair
Earthenware, Wheel Thrown, Glaze

Carolanne  Currier  - Huntingdon, PA
Fraternal Twin Whiskey Cups
90.00 for pair
Soda-Fired Custom Clay


Carolanne  Currier  - Huntingdon, PA
Fraternal Twin Frosted Teabowls
95.00 for Pair
Soda-Fired Custom Clay

Charles Freeland - Montreat, NC
Tea for Two
Ceramic and Acrylics

Chad Hartwig - Notre Dame, IN
Equal but Different
175.00 for Pair
Wood-Fired White Stoneware, Slip, Natural Fly Ash


Carla  Kappa - Boulder , CO
High Tea For Butterflies
110.00 for Pair
Hand Built Earthenware, Cone 6


Catherine  Rehbein - Monroe , MI
Nashotah Set
95.00 for Pair
Porcelain/Stoneware, Cone 6 Oxidation, Wheel Thrown, Altered


Clovy Tsuchiya - Coupeville, WA
Enfolding Mugs
45.00 for Pair
Wheel Thrown Stoneware, Cone 10 Soda Fired, Reduction

Denise Detrich - Walhalla, SC
Polka-dot Teabowls
100.00 for Pair
Salt Fired Porcelain, Stoneware Slip

Delores Fortuna - Galena, IL
Cup Les
108.00 for Pair
Porcelain, Black Slip Inlay, Cone 9 Reduction


Dale Huffman - Pittsburgh, PA
Soda Cups
250.00 for Pair
Soda Fired Porcelain


Dale Huffman - Pittsburgh, PA
Wood Cups
250.00 for Pair
Wood Fired


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