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Prospective Graduate Students

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Online Courses

Online courses offer you the opportunity to continue your education according to your time schedule. Missouri Western offers exceptional educational opportunities with instructors who care about the success of their students.

An online course is very similar to an on-campus course in that you will be required to read, participate, take tests, and complete assignments and papers. For most online courses, all of these activities will take place online.  Most students taking online courses report that learning in online courses equals or exceeds learning in face-to-face courses.

Some online courses will not contain lectures; you will instead learn by reading, discussing topics on a discussion board, and completing independent or group activities.  Other courses may have lectures in the form of audio or video clips and interactive simulations.

Some online courses may require you to occasionally travel to campus or another designated location. If it is not possible for you to travel to campus or another location, before enrolling in any online course please verify if any activities will not be completed online.  Normally, if there are activities that are not online, these will be listed in the schedule of courses.  You can verify that a course is 100% online by contacting the instructor.