Online and Distance Education

How to Register

To register for online and distance education courses you must first be admitted to Missouri Western as a degree seeking student or a non-degree seeking student. Once you have applied to Missouri Western and been admitted, you are eligible to register for and enroll in courses through GoldLink. The information below is intended as a guide to help you navigate the admissions/registration process:

Step 1 – Apply for Admission to Missouri Western

New undergraduate students, international students and graduate students can apply for admission to Missouri Western online. Our goal is to make the admission process as simple as possible, but it is important that you apply early and adhere to deadlines to ensure a smooth transition.

Academic Calendar | Online Application

Step 2 – Choose the classes you want to take

Search the online course listing and decide which courses you want to enroll in.

Online Class Schedule

Step 3 – Register for classes through GoldLink

After you have applied and been accepted to Missouri Western, we will supply you with information on how to connect to GoldLink and get your student ID number (G Number). You will use Gold Link to register for classes. Specific instructions on the steps to enroll and important registration dates and deadlines can be found below.

Accepted Students

How to Register

Registration Guide

Step 4 – Pay your tuition and fees

Business Office | Payment Options