Faculty who desire to develop their first online course at Missouri Western will be required to enroll in at least one OLC training course, paid for by the university. However, all faculty new to developing online courses are strongly encouraged to take multiple OLC courses and to work with IMC instructional technologists and other staff.

Faculty who have developed online courses at Missouri Western or other universities are also encouraged to enhance their skills and knowledge through OLC courses and to work with IMC staff.

A list of OLC workshops, webinars, certificate programs and Mastery Series programs can be found at https://onlinelearningconsortium.org/learn/workshops/.

To enroll in an initial OLC course or subsequent basic courses, please consult with Blair Carmichael or Matt Whipple in the IMC. Requests for multiple advanced OLC courses will be approved on a case-by-case basis and those taking multiple advanced courses are expected share their learning with colleagues, including occasional participation in IMC workshops.

  • Application to develop FIRST MWSU online course – Full-time Faculty PDF | Word
  • Application to develop FIRST MWSU online course – Part-time Faculty PDF | Word
  • Application to develop additional online courses – Full & Part-time Faculty PDF | Word
  • Verification of vetting of the course by the IMC and/or chair/unit head PDF | Word

History of and Rationale for Missouri Western Online Course Development Program

Increasing the number of course titles offered in an online format by Missouri Western State University increases the University’s service to the region, allowing time-bound and place-bound citizens greater access to a collegiate education.

Applications to develop an online course that will be given the highest consideration are: (1) proposals to develop online versions of high demand general education courses where demand is not met by current online courses; (2) proposals to create online versions of high demand majors or minors. Other proposals will be considered, but a prime criterion in evaluation of proposals is the potential new audience that is likely to be reached by the online course.

A survey in Fall 2008 indicated that half of Missouri Western’s faculty were interested in developing online courses. However, faculty noted that a lack of time and support resources served as impediments to participation in online course development. Therefore, an incentive program was developed. By Summer 2018 199 faculty had participated in the original incentive program to grow Missouri Western’s online course inventory, creating 388 courses (301 unique titles). Currently, most faculty members have had experience developing and/or taking online courses. The Instructional Media Center has several staff supporting distance education. And, Missouri Western is a member of the Online Learning Consortium that provides training to develop effective online courses. Thus, the Missouri Western incentive program for developing online courses transitioned into the format noted below.

Components of the Incentive Program

  • Upon completion of the development of a faculty member’s first Missouri Western online course, the course will be vetted by IMC staff and the department chair. Subsequent to recommendation by the IMC and the chair, the faculty member will receive a $2000 stipend. If the development is viewed as needing structural revisions, IMC staff will work with the faculty member on the revisions. IMC staff will use OLC and Quality Matters rubrics to evaluate courses (see https://www.qualitymatters.org/sites/default/files/PDFs/StandardsfromtheQMHigherEducationRubric.pdf for QM standards)
  • Each time a new online course is offered for the first time, the faculty member will receive a “first time offering” stipend of $1000, after vetting of the course by the chair or unit head.
  • A $100 stipend will be provided for each enrollment in an online course that exceeds an enrollment of 25 for enrollments between 26 and 50. Beyond 50, the per student stipend is on a sliding scale.