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Why Choose Nursing?

Why Nursing?
Professional nursing is a practice-based discipline built upon nursing knowledge and theory, as well as knowledge derived from a wide variety of other disciplines. Liberal education is valued as a base for critical thinking, clinical judgment and ethical decision-making. Nursing is a helping, caring process with the goal of facilitating the health of individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. Standards-based practice underpins the implementation of the nursing process and is focused on maintaining, restoring or promoting optimal health. Application of the nursing process requires critical thinking, nursing judgments and competent nursing actions. The nursing process is implemented through a collaborative nurse/client relationship that involves therapeutic interpersonal communication and mutually defined goals and desired outcomes. Professional nursing integrates multiple role expectations including leader, follower, provider, designer, manager and coordinator of care. The professional nurse promotes, participates in and uses research as a part of a commitment to high quality care, evidence-based practice and improved outcomes. Nursing is an integral part of the multi-disciplinary health care system which has the responsibility to provide accessible, cost-effective, quality care. As such, professional nurses must possess effective organizational and teamwork skills; a service orientation; an ethic of professional and social responsibility; cost awareness and accountability for clinical outcomes; commitment to continuous improvement of health care and competency in population-based care.