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Staff/Faculty Information - Dr. David McIntire


Dr. David McIntire

Office Hours, Spring 2017 (Potter 201)
Mondays, 1 – 3 pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2 – 4 pm

David D. McIntire,  born in upstate New York, was exposed  to music through Protestant hymnody and playing clarinet in the small town band.  Hearing the music of Sibelius in the fifth grade  made a deep impact.  As a teen he was inexplicably drawn to electronic and modern music, to the frustration of several of his teachers.   For three decades, he has maintained his livelihood  through playing, teaching, composing, and writing about music.  As a young adult, he  played clarinet and saxophone in a number of eccentric and overly idealistic musical groups, most notably the Colorblind James Experience (with whom he toured and recorded extensively), the Whitman/McIntire Duo, and the Hotheads. Presently, he leads the Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes (EIO) an improvisational trio based in Kansas City. He also runs Irritable Hedgehog Music, a small label devoted to minimal and electroacoustic music. Several of their releases have been widely praised for their sound quality, historical importance and musical content.

McIntire holds music degrees from Nazareth College of Rochester, Ithaca College, and a DMA in composition from the University of Missouri-Kansas City where he was a Preparing Future Faculty Fellow. He is also completing a master’s degree in musicology at UMKC. His research interests include soundscape composition, minimalism and postminimalism, the “American Mavericks” tradition, and the music of Harrison Birtwistle. He is a current board member of Electronic Music Midwest, a founding member of the Society for Minimalist Music, and has given papers at three of their international conferences. In 2009, he co-directed (with Kyle Gann) the Second International Conference on Music and Minimalism in Kansas City