Department of Music

Majors - Minors

The music minor program has a concert/recital attendance applied learning activity requirement. To complete the minor degree, the student must attend 12 approved performances each semester for a total of 2 semesters. This is in addition to all coursework for the music minor degree. Attendance requirements and an approved listing of concerts/ recitals are provided at the beginning of each regular semester.


Courses for Music Minor

Course ID Name Credits
MUS 100 Concert/Recital Attendance-2 semesters 0
MUS 101 Perspectives in Music 3
MUS 117 Theory and Analysis 1 2
MUS 118 Aural Training 1 1
MUS 168 Applied Piano 2
MUS 217 Theory and Analysis 2 2
MUS 218 Aural Training 2 1
MUS xxx Applied Music – Major Instrument 4
MUS xxx Music Electives (any music courses except: Applied Music-Major instrument, and Music Ensembles) 6
MUS xxx Music Ensembles (four semester minimum) 4
Total credits 25


Courses for Musical Theatre Minor

Course ID Name Credits
THR 126 Stage Movement Workshop 2
THR 140 Production Participation (Musical Theatre) 3
THR 228 Acting I 3
THR 326 Techniques of Musical Theatre Performance 3
THR 348 Directing for the Stage I 3
THR 275 Script Analysis 3
THR 280 Stagecraft 3
THR xxx Approved Elective 3
Total for Minor 23