Department of Music

Majors - B.M.E. Vocal


All music major degree programs have a concert/recital attendance applied learning activity requirement. To complete the degree, the student must attend 12 approved performances each semester for a total of 6 semesters. This is in addition to all coursework for any music major degree. Attendance requirements and an approved listing of concerts/recitals are provided at the beginning of each regular semester.

Candidates for the Bachelor of Music in Education degree must participate in one major ensemble each semester with the exception of the student teaching semester. Candidates for the Bachelor of Music in Education degree must complete 4 credits in 300-level “Applied Music-Major Instrument” requirements for graduation.

Missouri Western offers two options in the B.M.E. major in Music leading to K-12 vocal or instrumental teaching certification in Missouri. Both options require a core of 49 credits in music courses plus additional credits in the area of concentration.


Major in Music / Vocal (Applied Voice) Concentration

Core Requirements
Course ID Name Credits
MUS 100 Concert/Recital Attendance-6 semesters 0
MUS 101 Perspectives in Music 3
MUS 117 Theory and Analysis 1 2
MUS 118 Aural Training 1 1
MUS 206 Keyboard Proficiency 1 2
MUS 217 Theory and Analysis 2 2
MUS 218 Aural Training 2 1
MUS 304 Form and Analysis 2
MUS 310 Music History I 2
MUS 311 Music History II 2
MUS 319 Music History III 2
MUS 320 Elementary Music Methods and Materials 3
MUS 336 Fundamentals of Conducting 2
MUS 355 Theory and Analysis 3 2
MUS 356 Aural Training 3 1
MUS 357 Theory and Analysis 4 2
MUS 358 Aural Training 4 1
MUS 404 Musical Techniques of the 20th/21st Centuries 2
MUS 405 Arranging 2
MUS 490/1 Senior Recital 1
MUS xxx Applied Music-Major Instrument 7
MUS xxx Music Electives to be selected from the following courses: MUS 210, 240-245, 305, 312-318, 406, and 450 7
Total Core credits 49
In addition to the core, the following courses are required:
Course ID Name Credits
MUS 111 Functional Instrumental Techniques 1
MUS 201 Foundations in Vocal/Choral Techniques 1 2
MUS 208 Keyboard Proficiency II 2
MUS 301 Foundations in Vocal/Choral Techniques 2 2
MUS 328 Choral Literature 2
MUS 334 Pedagogical Practice: Voice 2
MUS 441 Advanced Choral Conducting 2
MUS 467 Middle & High School Choral Methods 2
Total Concentration credits 15
Course ID Name Credits
EDU 202 Introduction to Education 3
EDU 203 Participation in Teaching I 1
EDU 225 Educational Psychology 2
EDU 303 Experience in Teaching II 2
EDU 304 Applied Methods and Management 3
EDU 311 Secondary Reading Techniques 2
EDU 315 Psych. and Ed. of the Exceptional Student 2
EDU 404 Seminar in Sec. Ed. and Human Relations 3
EDU 409 Secondary Student Teaching III 9
Total Concentration credits 27

Vocal Concentration majors will be assigned to a middle or high school instrumental program for EDU203, to an elementary, middle or high school vocal program for EDU303, and to a middle or high school vocal program for EDU409. If the student has elected the Elementary Music Concentration by taking MUS321 and MUS322, an assignment to elementary music for EDU409 may be chosen. The music prerequisite(s) for EDU203 is MUS320; for EDU303 are MUS208 and MUS441; and for EDU409 is MUS467.