Department of Music


Our goal is to graduate guitarists with three characteristics common to all successful professional musicians:

  • a high musical, academic and intellectual integrity
  • not merely exceptional guitarists but exceptional musicians
  • guitarists who – in spite of the tremendous competition in the field – will have the tools to succeed and make a living in the music business following graduation.

To that end we will offer our students the widest range of studies at a level competitive with any other guitar program in existence. We will target those studies to one single goal:

That the student will graduate from Missouri Western and be able to succeed in the music business at a professional, artistic, intellectual and financial level while maintaining a balances lifestyle both in and out of the business.

Those of us who teach in the program at Missouri Western have worked at a professional, international level for many years, in virtually every aspect of the music business, including performing, recording, studio work, publishing, composition and media. We sincerely want our students to take advantage of our experience because if they succeed, we have succeeded.

Audition/Scholarship Application