Masters of Applied Science in Assessment

TESOL Option

The TESOL option is designed to meet the needs of:

  • current and future educators, who want to effectively teach English in a wide variety of settings, including: PreK-12 diverse  classrooms, adult language programs, businesses, community colleges, and international schools
  • speech/language pathologists and school psychologists, who desire additional information to assist them to better distinguish language differences from language delay and language impairment
  • school administrators, who are interested in creating or improving English as a Second Language Programs in their school or district
  • current or future educational policy makers, who wish to enhance their understanding of the unique needs of the English language learner and the most up-to-date research in second language acquisition

There are 4 TESOL programs offered at the graduate level:

  1. Master’s degree in TESOL
  2. Master’s degree in TESOL, with endorsement to teach in K-12 schools
  3. Graduate certificate only
  4. Graduate certificate, with endorsement to teach in K-12 schools


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What courses will I take?

Courses & Descriptions
How will the M.A.S. in Assessment, TESOL option prepare me for a career?
The need for knowledgeable and effective TESOL educators is growing both nationally and internationally. In addition to learning how to advocate for effective and responsive education for English language learners from diverse communities, the TESOL option will provide students with:

  • professional certification (for the State of Missouri and reciprocal licensure states) in TESOL education
  • a deep understanding of the challenges faced by English language learners
  • specific skills and knowledge needed to successfully teach English language learners
  • experience teaching and interacting with linguistically and culturally diverse communities
  • training in analytical and critical thinking methods

Wendy's Story: How the TESOL program has made her a better educator to all of her students.