Mail Services

Outgoing Packages (UPS)

We ship through UPS only. Packages must be at the mail center before 2:30 to go out that day. You must include your department bar-code with the package to be shipped. The package must be prepared for shipping by the department. If you need boxes, packaging, or tape, you are welcome to come to the office to pack up your shipment. Billing will be added to the monthly postal bill. The shipping costs vary because of additional fuel charges which change weekly. We can only give an estimate of the cost at the time of shipping if required. Please let us know if additional insurance is needed on the package…UPS offers $100.00 free on every shipment. If the value is greater, it would need additional insurance.

If you want to ship through Fed X, you will have to make arrangements with them, which may require you to set up an account. (Fed-X will come to your office and pick up the package.)

UPS picks up outbound packages each weekday from the mailroom. Outgoing packages for UPS pickup should be brought to the mailroom before 2:30 p.m. UPS services include regular ground service, next day air, and second day air.


UPS NEXT DAY AIR OR SECOND DAY AIR-You will need to make a label for Mail Service to attach and send with package.

Packages to be returned at the shipper’s expense may be done by several ways.

  1. Package Refused-UPS packages may be returned to sender if unopened. Just mark “Refused” on the box and return to the mail center.
  2. Call Tag- Please, mark your UPS packages “Hold for UPS Call Tag” and send to the mail center. Call tags are issued by the vendor and will be brought by the UPS driver. The label will be attached and the package will then be picked up.
  3. “R S” label- This label may be mailed or e-mailed to the department and applied to the package before it is brought to the mail center. It is the department’s responsibility to keep the tracking information. Our staff will not record the shipment of these packages.
  4. Shipper’s account number- If the vendor gives out their UPS shippers account number we can process the package with no cost to the University.

UPS packages can not be forwarded. If you want to refuse the delivery, please do not open the package and mark it “Refused”. We will give it back to the driver the next day. Once the package is open, you will be charged for the return.