Mail Services

Off-Campus Mail Preparation

We do not sell stamps for personal use nor will we pick up stamps at the post office for staff or students.
Please help the Campus Mail Service keep delivery timely by following these procedures when preparing your outgoing mail.

  • Bundle all international letters separately from U.S. Mail
  • Bundle all stamped and prepaid envelopes separate from mail to be processed.
  • Bundle non-stamped mail. Make sure the appropriate department charge-back account bar-code is attached.
  • Make sure all mail in a bundle is facing the same direction.
  • Please shingle (flaps up) letters that need to be sealed.

The Post Office no longer furnishes rubber bands to businesses. All bulk mailings that are flats must still be banded by rubber bands and they must be size 64. These are 3 1/2″ X 1/4″. We can no longer provide these for the departments and we ask that you send any extra rubber bands back to the mail center for re use.

The postage machine will seal all regular size envelopes (#10, 9, 6 3/4) which have a dovetail seal. To seal, the flaps must be shingled, that is each flap should extend over the flap of the preceding envelope. Our meter will not seal 6×9 or 9×12 envelopes with the flap on the short side.

If sending out a large mailing,(1000 + pieces) please call ahead so we can make plans to pick it up early to insure quick processing. We pick up mail from each department once a day and will not return for outgoing mail except for special billings or mailings too large to be taken to the 3:00 pick-up locations.