Information Technology Services

Purchases for Departments

Complete the Quote Request Form if you would like a quote for any computer hardware or software. This will be sent to who will then get you a price within 2 business day.
Purchasing Policies
Any computer related item purchased on procurement card or requisition over $250 needs to be purchased/approved by Manager, IT Services, Contracts and Procurement by emailing Other purchasing policies can be found in the Purchasing Manual.
Campus Standards
We purchase Dell computers and Hewlett Packard printers for our campus.
Benefits of Using IT for Purchases
You are able to complete your own requisitions for department specific software and computer accessories under $250. The benefits of utilizing Kelly to make requisitions are:
  1. Knowledge of extra items that need to be ordered at the same time will save you time and effort. Already has established relationships with vendors to ensure the best price is obtained.
  2. If Information Technology Services orders the item they can assist in any arising questions with the product, install the item and can complete the return if needed.
Internal Transfers
Manager, IT Services - Contracts, Procurement & Telephone Service will complete internal transfer forms for any item in stock in the Information Technology department, such as network and printer cables.
Tower Computers
Laptop Computers
Coming Soon!
Other Computer Items
Coming Soon!
Software Site Licenses
Presently, we have a Microsoft Campus Agreement site license for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visual Studio and Visio, Project, and Sharepoint Designer. If you need other software programs such as WordPerfect, you will need to purchase it.
The software program SPSS is handled through Cori Criger in the Instructional Media Center. You can email her at with a brief description of you need and length of time needed. This will be evaluated and reviewed depending upon need and number of available licenses.
New Computer Setup
If you have a new computer delivered to your area and you need to know what to do next, send an email to They will set up your computer with the standard software. They will install Microsoft Office, antivirus software, and other standard applications.
Service Problems
If you have a computer problem that you need to have fixed you can also send an email to This is forwarded to two technicians and they will coordinate when they are able to complete the required service (See Help Desk Page).