Information Technology Services

Banner Programs and Reports

IT Services programmers Mark Ellis, Greg Andriano and Melissa Kramer are responsible for maintaining and creating programs and reports to be utilized by students, faculty, staff, and other qualified users needing information from the Banner databases.

Users need to fill out an Information Technology Service Request Form to request what type of information is needed, whether it be in the form of a report or in the form of a Banner screen. Request forms can be picked up in the Information Technology Services office (Hearnes Center room 110).

Most request forms also require the signature of the owner of the data. The appropriate signatures are as follows:

  1. Student records information, class schedule, grades, holds and rosters – Susan Bracciano, Registrar
  2. Financial aid information – Marilyn Baker, Director of Financial Aid
  3. Student billing information, payroll data – Leigh Helfers, Bursar
  4. Financial Information – Carey McMillian, Associate VP of Financial Planning & Administration


These signatures are needed to ensure the data is used only for legitimate reasons. Also, it acts as a clearinghouse, so that there is a consensus on program and report changes. Many programs/reports are used by several users. Changing a program or report for the benefit of one user can be a detriment to another.

If you have a question about any report or screen, please contact Mark Ellis at 271-4221 or