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Information Technology Services provides support for campus-wide computer and network usage. Services include PC support, Email support, Banner records system support, shared file storage, networking, network security, hardware/software acquisitions, and Internet access.

The Help Desk is the primary contact for all computing and network support for the campus community. We offer a wide range of support from software to hardware installs, repairs, and troubleshooting for the campus community. If our staff are not directly responsible for support of the device or software, we can direct you to the appropriate contact.

Our staff are generally available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you are having desktop computing problems, please submit a Helpdesk ticket at

Residence Hall students needing help with Internet connectivity in their room can call the Help Desk (816) 271-4555 to be connected with the appropriate personnel, or by stopping by Tech Support, Hearnes Center, Room 101.

On-Call Services

Network Access and Registration
All devices connecting to the Missouri Western network are required to be registered or authenticated via username/password. Only employees, enrolled students and other authorized users may use the Missouri Western network. Missouri Western does not provide general guest access.

Register a MAC (Hardware) Address (Requires Login)
How to Find the MAC (Hardware) Address
Wireless Network Access

Network/Email Account Information
Missouri Western uses an integrated identity management solution to allow use of a single account to access virtually all applications. Accounts are automatically assigned to employees, incoming students, and enrolled students. Privileges assigned to the account are based on the user’s role at the University, and additional manual intervention by Network Services staff.

Incoming students receive an activation password from Admissions, which lets them immediately activate and use their Missouri Western account for the Goldlink portal and email (limited to Missouri Western recipients).

Enrolled students gain full account privileges, including full email and Google Apps capabilities, campus computer logon, network access, and a personal (P:) drive. These privileges are automatically assigned when they enroll in classes.

When a student graduates, they retain account privileges for Goldlink, email, and most Google Apps capabilities including Drive. However, access to a campus computer logon, network access, and P: drive access is revoked, with any files being deleted. It is the student’s responsibility to copy files from the P: drive that they wish to retain upon graduation.

If a student leaves Missouri Western without graduating (i.e. is no longer enrolled), they retain account privileges for Goldlink, email, and Google Drive. However, email is limited to other Missouri Western recipients. Access to a campus computer logon, network access, and P: drive access is revoked, with any files being deleted. It is the student’s responsibility to copy files from the P: drive that they wish to retain.

Employees must complete an Account Request Form in Human Resources to be granted a privileged account. When an employee separates from the institution, their account is deactivated. Should they still have privileges as a student, they will receive a new account with a different username on the day of separation. Retirees may elect to keep their account with full privileges.

Banner is the primary academic and financial records-keeping system for the University. IT Services programmers Mark Ellis, Greg Andriano and Melissa Kramer are responsible for maintaining and creating programs and reports to be utilized by students, faculty, staff and other qualified users needing information from the Banner databases.

Users need to fill out a Banner Request Form to request what type of information is needed, whether it be in the form of a report or in the form of a Banner screen.

Most request forms also require the signature of the owner of the data. The appropriate signatures are as follows:

  1. Student records information, class schedule, grades, holds and rosters – Registrar
  2. Financial aid information – Financial Aid
  3. Student billing information, payroll data – Business Office
  4. Financial Information – Financial Planning & Administration

These signatures are needed to ensure the data is used only for legitimate reasons. Also, it acts as a clearinghouse, so that there is a consensus on program and report changes. Many programs/reports are used by several users. Changing a program or report for the benefit of one user can be a detriment to another.

If you have a question about any report or screen, please contact Mark Ellis at (816) 271-4221 or

Guidelines for Data Standards, Data Integrity and Security
Reporting Analysis and Reporting Strategy

The Office of Telephone Services provides telephone service to all administration, faculty and staff. The office makes arrangements for installation of new telephone lines and changes in old lines and repairs. We provide long distance authorization codes for all departments, distribute various telephone directories for the campus, and provides billing for campus departments. The office is also responsible for all incoming calls to the main number and transferring calls to appropriate departments.

Telephone Service Request Form – PDF | Word
Cell Phone Request (new, repair, or disconnect)
Request for Long Distance Authorization Codes
VoIP Tutorials/Information

All correspondence pertaining to the telephone system, voice mail system and cell phones should be sent to or call (816) 383-7171.

Multiple choice testing using the ScanTron Bubble sheets is a free service provided by the IT Services Department.

The bubble sheets can accommodate up to 200 questions with a multiple choice of 5 for each question. These sheets are free and can be picked up in the IT Services Department. Service time goal is “same day processing”, if the tests are brought in before 4:00 p.m. An email will be sent with the results of the tests right after they are completed plus the option to pick up the printed copy or have them sent to the department, via campus mail in a sealed envelope.

Two emails will be sent, the test analysis report (pdf, form) and the student’s individual answer sheets. The student answer sheets can be printed along with the analysis report, just check the box on the cover sheet.

If requested, two different excel spread sheets can also be created and sent via email. The “Grade” excel file is requested by the instructors that like the copy and paste option which you can’t do from the PDF file. Sample

The “Answer” excel file is used mostly for surveys and studies of which questions are most often missed, etc. This excel file, simply shows what the students answered for each question. Sample

The “Key” is what the instructor fills out with the correct answers and is used to grade the student’s test bubble sheets. The key can be used multiple times so long as it remains in good shape. A sample is on line for your convenience. Important factors about the key are:

  1. Along with the student bubble sheets, all must be done in pencil, no ink.
  2. The word KEY has to be in the first three spaces in the Name section. NOTE: Anything you wish can be put under the Name section so long as the first three spaces are saved for KEY.
  3. The next spaces, A thru J are usually used for the instructors name
  4. The last six spaces are usually used for the department name/initials
  5. Under Identification Number: Under the letters H – I – J are the number of questions that have been bubbled in for the answers. (Does not matter, where you start on the testing side or how many question, 1 to 200, the number of filled in bubbles has to match what is under H – I – J.
  6. Under Special Codes: The number of the report goes here under the letters K – L – M. The main reports most often used are 213 or 313. The only difference is 313 will come with an extra sheet that gives test results with no student names. (if the student’s put their G# under the identification section it will appear on this sheet)

Note: Anything can written at the top in the blank area, but never near the bottom around the bar code.

Download a sample of the Key

A Testing Cover Sheet has to accompany each group of tests, this sheet provides spaces for any special instructions pertaining to the tests.

Download a testing cover sheet

For more detailed information about the Test Scanning Services, call (816) 271-5851 or (816) 271-4354 or inquire at Hearnes Center, Room 110.

If you need information prior to making a purchase or if you need a quote for a purchase, please send an email to Matt McDonald, Manager of ITS – Contracts, Procurement & Telephone Services, will try to respond within 24 hours. Matt will create the requisition for any computer, software, printer, or computer accessory items. He needs to have the following information: Account code to charge the item to, description of the item you are requesting, and quantity.

Department Purchases
Software Purchases
Student Hardware Purchases
Faculty/Staff Personal Hardware Purchases

Have more questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Computing Policies
File Sharing
Staff Directory
Wireless Network Access
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