M.S. - Information Technology Assurance Administration (ITAA)

Graduate Assistantship

  • Graduate Instructorship

    ITAA program does provide the opportunities for graduate students to teach introductory-level undergraduate courses with the following restrictions.

    1. No ITAA student can perform the teaching task in their first semester of graduate study.
    2. personal interview with the program director must be carried out before a student can be assigned a teaching task.
    3. Students who want to apply for teaching must enroll in MAS501 (Graduate Instructor Orientation) in their first semester.
    4. International students must pass the English Placement Test carried out by the IEP program at MWSU before they qualify for teaching. This test is mainly to verify that the applicant’s English is proficient enough for effective communication with American students.

    Other Scholarships

    Please visit this webpage for detailed information about other scholarships.