Description – Fiscal Year 2018 (Financial Aid Data Page) Amount Percentage
Total Need and Non-Need Based Aid for all Students $43,689,155
Total Unduplicated Students Receiving Aid 4,303 84.52%
Total Number of Students Receiving Need-Based Aid 2,934 57.63%
Total Loans Received $17,048,357
Number of Students Receiving Loans 2,427 47.67%
Average Total Loans Per Student $7,024
Federal Subsidized $6,562,757
Federal Unsubsidized $8,167,481
Private Loans $851,865
Federal Perkins Loan $0
Federal Parent Loans $1,466,254
Total Scholarships/Grants (S/G) $22,084,994
Number of Students Receiving S/G 3,648 71.66%
Average Per Student $6,054
Total Number of Students Receiving any Federal Pell 2,026 39.80%
Average Award Per Student $4,133
Total Full-Time Students Receiving Full Pell Grant 681
Total number of students receiving Full Pell Grant 1,137
Average Per Student
Total Tuition and Fee Waivers $3,007,405
Total Number of Student Tuition Waivers 679
Average Per Student $4,429
Federal Work-Study $465,058

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Total Need and Non-Need Based Aid for all Students:
Aid received from any source – Federal, State, Institutional, & Private

Total Unduplicated Count of Students Receiving Aid %:
Total number of students receiving aid divided by total degree seeking students enrolled (full or part-time)

Need Based Aid:
Any assistance that considers need as a factor for eligibility (Federal Pell Grant, FSEOG, Federal Perkins and Subsidized Stafford Loans,Missouri Access Program, Marguerite Ross Barnett Scholarship, Federal Work-Study, Foundation Scholarships, etc.)

Total scholarships and grants from Federal, State, Institutional, and Private Sources — need or non-need

Average per Student:
Average award of students receiving aid type

Federal Pell:
Total number of students receiving any Federal Pell Grant Assistance

Full Federal Pell:
Total number of full-time students who qualify for the maximum Pell Grant (Neediest Students)

Tuition and Fee Waivers:
Employee/Dependent fee waivers, Midwest Student Exchange Program, Senior Citizen Waivers

Federal Work-Study:
Wages paid under the Federal Need-based work program.