International Center

What Next?

Students should be prepared to begin the visa application at the closest U.S. Embassy or Consulate at your convenience.  It is BEST to prepare ahead of time, as much as 8-12 weeks prior to intended arrival date.  The general guidelines is as follows:

  1. Sign and date page 1 of the I-20 document, or DS-2019 form from Missouri Western State University.  Bring original document to the interview.
  2. Contact U.S. Consulate to schedule for an appointment for visa interview.
  3. Prepare for your Visa Appointment.
    1. Participate in MWSU’s Visa Application Guidance and Process virtual meeting with Fumi Cheever, Primary DSO at the University.  This virtual workshop is intended to guide you through the process, as well as an opportunity for students to ask questions and learn from the discussion.  The virtual presentation starts on time so please do not be late!
    2. Google and review many tips in the internet, for example helpful guidelines HERE.
    3. Read useful tips 10 Points to Remember When Applying for a Student Visa
  4. Collect all necessary documentations and BRING to the interview.  Read guidelines above.
  5. Find and visit an EducationUSA Advising Center for guidance or to participate in visa application workshop, if available.  Also, participate in the EducationUSA pre-departure workshop.


Note: Please check the detailed process for Visa Interview review PowerPoint PDF information.

Last update: January 26, 2018