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Thank you for considering MWSU as one of the education destinations.  The following online and internet/web-based events are an opportunity for prospective undergraduate and graduate students to connect on a personal level with the University staff, student and faculty.  Register for the event(s) so you may receive timely reminder and guidance in your college search process.  We appreciate the opportunity to welcome you to University campus in the future!

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Prospective Student Event:

Bachelor or Undergraduate Admissions, Scholarship and Career Preparation Opportunities, with Ann Rahmat


Admitted Student Events:

Campus safety, security, and international student support.  Personalized chatrooom with University’s Vice President Shana Meyer

  • Wednesday, May 9, between 9:00-10:00 AM CST – Click HERE to begin chat room at the scheduled time

F1 and J1 Visa application guidance and process to the United States.  Also, and opportunity to discuss pre-arrival and International Orientation schedule.  The LIVE sessions is for Admitted or New Students.   Presenter: Fumi Matsumoto, PDSO

  • May 8, Tuesday @ 8:00 AM CST ~ Click HERE to enter virtual meeting room at the scheduled time
  • June 5, Tuesday @ 8:00 AM CST
  • July 3, Tuesday @ 8:00 AM CST
  • July 17, Tuesday @ 8:00 AM CST

IMPORTANT: The above schedule events are through the Zoom video conference room with audio and visual opportunity, unless otherwise specified.  Click here for a visual and audio demonstration.

Video archives: 

  • Master of Science in Information Technology Assurance Administration (30-minutes).  Featuring Dr. Yipkei Kwok, Sanhith Chinta, and Srinitha Mandadi.  Learn more about the program, student experience, cost, scholarship, graduate assistantship, employment opportunity, and admission criteria. 
  • Master of Applied Science in Industrial Life Science (4-minutes).  Featuring Dr. Jason Baker.  Learn more about the program and admission requirement.
  • About Missouri Western State University (8-minutes).  Featuring Ann Rahmat, Director of International Recruitment.

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Last updated, February 6, 2018