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Thank you for considering MWSU as one of the education destinations.  The following online and internet/web-based events are an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to connect on a personal level with the University staff, student and faculty on various important topics from campus safety to visa application process.  We appreciate the opportunity to welcome you to University campus in the near future.

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Admitted Student Events

Events summary:

Date/day Time Topic Method Host
June 5, Tue 8 AM Visa application workshop Webinar Fumi Cheever
June 6, Wed 10-12 PM On campus housing and residential life Chatroom Amy McLarren
June 9, Sat 9 AM New Student Welcome webinar Webinar Ann Rahmat
June 27, Wed 10-12 PM Pre-arrival Question & Answer Chatroom Ann Rahmat
July 3, Tue 8 AM Visa application workshop Webinar Fumi Cheever
July 17, Tue 8 AM Visa application workshop Webinar Fumi Cheever
July 19, Thu 8-10 AM On campus housing and residence life Chatroom Nathan Roberts
July 31, Tue 9 AM Off campus housing in St Joseph, MO Webinar Ann Rahmat+2
August 13, Mon 10-12 PM Pre-arrival Question & Answer Webinar Ann Rahmat

Chatroom = A personalized chat function (written or typed using keyboard) with no video or audio.
Webinar = A virtual meeting or conference are expected to begin on time, so please be aware of the local time zones.  Also, the webinar session is through the Zoom platform with audio and visual opportunity.  Click here for a short audio visual demonstration.


Events details:

1. F1 visa application workshop and guidance to the United States.  Learning outcome includes SEVIS fee payment, visa appointment fee, visa interview expectations and challenges.   If time permits, an opportunity to discuss pre-arrival and International Orientation schedule.  The LIVE sessions is for Admitted or New Students.   Presenter: Fumi Matsumoto Cheever, PDSO

2. Welcome to new admitted students! Pre-arrival Question & Answer.  International Center is excited to welcome you to the University.  The office provides guidance regarding pre-arrival, required orientation, and adjustment to the new environment.  We invite students, parents or guardians to ask questions, voice concern, or doubts prior to arrival planning in a real-timer personalized meeting room with Ann Rahmat, Director of International Center.

3.  On-campus Housing and Residential Life.  Personalized chat room with full-time professional staff to help answer questions related to housing at MWSU.  Contact these experienced professionals on related topics include but not limited to housing contract, online application process, required $100 housing deposit, room mate options, housing facilities (kitchen, bathroom, common area, etc.), meals, getting postal mail, Residence Hall Association, and many more.  This is an opportunity to voice your questions!

4.  Campus safety, security, and international student support.  Personalized question & answer chatrooom with University’s Vice President Shana Meyer

5.  Off-campus housing opportunity in the city of St Joseph.  This is available for Graduate/Master students, or Undergraduate Transfer students, or students over the age of 21 ONLY.  Learn about advantages and disadvantages of living in private apartments away from university campus.   Exposed to the general apartment rental contract/agreement, tenant responsibilities, apartment manager expectation, housing deposit expectations, and any associated cost.  Rental or contract law may be different in each State in the U.S.  Students should google or educate extensively on the topic, and may preview some resources: Apartment Renting 101, Renting 101, Understanding Rental Agreement  Student panels include Srinitha (India) and Ilda (Mozambique.)  Freshman or First-year student is required to live on-campus.


Video archives: 

  • Master of Science in Information Technology Assurance Administration (30-minutes).  Featuring Dr. Yipkei Kwok, Sanhith Chinta, and Srinitha Mandadi.  Learn more about the program, student experience, cost, scholarship, graduate assistantship, employment opportunity, and admission criteria. 
  • Master of Applied Science in Industrial Life Science (4-minutes).  Featuring Dr. Jason Baker.  Learn more about the program and admission requirement.
  • About Missouri Western State University (8-minutes).  Featuring Ann Rahmat, Director of International Recruitment.

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Last updated, June 26, 2018