International Center

Update Address

The University requires all students to provide updated and complete physical address at all time.  This is for students’ general security, safety, and well being at all times.  Additionally, the International Center office is required by the federal immigration regulation to update SEVIS database with accurate information for any students who hold an F-1 or J-1 visa category.

Therefore, Missouri Western students are strongly encourage to utilize the GoldLink web address update information site.  Students are expected to report the new address within 5-7 work days from the date physical address occurs.  Remember: in place of the “mailing address” please indicate the “physical location” of your accommodation.

Go to:
1. Login to GoldLink: need username and password
2. Click on “student” tab
3. Click on “Banner Self-Service”
4. Click on “Personal Information”
5. “View and Update Address and Phone”