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Student's rights & responsibilities

The university supports student’s right to know.

  • MWSU is a smoke and tobacco free campus – it means that visitors, staff, student or faculty cannot smoke a cigarette anywhere on campus, including the on-campus residence halls.  If needed, students may have a cigarette designated area in the city of Saint Joseph.
  •  The University is alcohol free campus – this means students, staff and professors may not bring any alcohol to the university campus for consumption.  Students who are 21 years and older, may choose to enjoy alcoholic drinks safely away from campus such as at licensed restaurants and bars.  The federal and state law prohibits driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence.  Students are expected to exercise good and sound judgement at all times.  
  • Student code of conduct
  • Safety report on campus (Clery report)


Last edited February 23, 2016