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Many students dream of coming to study in University or College in the United States.  The admission and enrollment process is generally established and easy.  However, students must be prepared to research, follow instructions, apply to university, visa interview, and travel to the chosen university.  

Since there are a large number of universities and colleges in the United States, each university is responsible for its own admission criteria and process.  Therefore, the following steps generally applies towards admission to MWSU only:

Research – Student should begin the overall admission process about 3-6 months before the intended semester, or academic year.  The fall or autumn semester at MWSU begins in August (late August until middle of December), and the spring or winter semester begins in January (middle of January until beginning of May.)  Also, with consultation with parents or adult guardians, student should have a general idea of the chosen major or field of study, determine motivation and achievable goals, and develop plans to finance the study.

Read instructions carefully, and ask questions – Each university usually list the required application materials for university admission consideration.  While no university could guarantee admission prior to official admission process, providing the minimum required materials give student the best chance of admission.  Do not hesitate to contact the admissions staff during the admission process for clarification, or if you have any questions.   Specific to MWSU, send questions to

Apply to the University – Verify the application deadline, and complete/submit the University application form, application fee, and required documentations as early as possible.  Student should not wait until the exact last date to submit the application, and student definitely should not apply late.  Be aware that Office of Admissions generally takes 2-4 weeks to process materials due volume of applications received.  Also, processing delay normally occurs the closer it is to the deadline.  Last but not least, some scholarship awards have an earlier priority application deadlines, or is based on a first-come first-serve.

Acceptance, and I-20 document – The Office of Admissions contacts and notifies student by email regarding acceptance to the University.  Among others the office will verify student information to input in the I-20 document, and to provide additional information regarding the necessary shipping arrangement with e-ship global.    

Visa interview, and make travel arrangements – Congratulations when you receive an admission offer!  The real journey to the United States begins now.  After the official admission letter and the I-20 document are in hand, student may begin visa application process.  Again, do not wait until the last minute to give student extra time to provide additional documentation, in case the visa is not approved the first time.  Typically, students may apply for the visa appointment 120 days prior to program/university arrival deadline.  And, if visa is approved, student may enter the United States 30 days prior to University’s arrival deadline.   Students coming to MWSU, should read the pre-arrival checklist and other helpful information carefully.

Student may find the following web resources helpful:

  • EducationUSA is a network of centers around the world that promotes education opportunites.
  • StudyMissouri is a list of public and private member colleges in the State of Missouri, USA.


Last updated on February 23, 2016