International Student Services

Pre-arrival check list

The list below is to guide and provide students with the necessary next steps to ensure smooth, safe, and timely arrival on campus.  Mandatory International Student Orientation session begins at 9:00AM on Tuesday, January 9.

Step 1: Apply and obtain visa.  Review and sign your I-20, or DS-2019 form.  Students are invited to join and participate in a visa application process online workshop.  Learn what to expect, and review PowerPoint PDF informationNote: if you have not received the I-20 or the acceptance packet, you may contact Tina Washburn at the Office of Admissions.  Email

Step 2: Choose to come to Missouri Western State University.  Tell us you are coming – click HERE!

Step 3: Activate the GoldLink username and password.

Step 4(a): Arrange flight and travel plan:  Request airport transportation for either Sunday, January 7, or Monday, January 8.  Note: Students who arranged for on-campus student housing, may arrive as early as Friday, January 6 and move into the residence hall at no additional cost.  Read details HERE.

Step 4(b): Reserve a hotel room in St Joseph if you arrive earlier than Friday, January 6 before student housing opens, OR before you locate/rent a private off-campus apartment.

Step 5: Complete the health medical records form.  Return by email to  Deadline: Friday, December 29.

Step 6: Secure and confirm local housing either on-campus OR, search for off-campus options.

Step 7: Prepare for placement tests upon arrival.  Who takes the test?

Step 8: Students arrive and participate in MANDATORY orientation.  Check-in or registration begins at 8:30 a.m., Tuesday, January 9.


Last edited on November 28, 2017