Private off-campus housing (apartment or house):

  • Students are responsible for locating, leasing and signing the appropriate private housing, individually or in a group.
  • Normally, an unfurnished 9-months or 12-months one-bedroom apartment rental is about $650 EACH month, plus additional cost for utilities (such as water, electricity, Wi-Fi internet, TV cable, heat in winter, etc.), and a 2-bedroom about $800 plus utilities.
  • Students, parents, guardians or counselors may locate list of private apartments information.  However, due to liability issues, the university cannot recommend nor provide arrangement with any particular apartment management.
  • If needed, temporary accommodations and hotels are available to students.
  • Free city public bus system provides dependable but limited route options.  Students are responsible for local transportation arrangement such as by bus, taxi, and/or Uber. Cost varies from $1 on the bus, or $8-$10 for taxi (each way).
  • Apartment managers have the right to request the following, but not limited to: local financial guarantor, review credit history, or offer 12-month rental agreement.  Also, managers have the right to deny access if he/she is not confident student can be good tenant or pays regular monthly rent.
  • Therefore, International Center strongly encourages students new to the city of St Joseph to arrange for on-campus housing for the first 5-9 months at the University (January to May, or August to May), and plan 3-6 months ahead for the 2nd year for off-campus living opportunities.