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Ann Rahmat

Ann Rahmat

Director, MBA, DSO
Tel: 816-271-5928

Fumi Matsumoto Cheever

Fumi Matsumoto Cheever

Asst Director, MEd, PDSO
Tel: 816-271-5998

Program Assistants
Oganya, or simply "O" to her friends at Missouri Western is a Psychology Bachelor degree candidate. She arrived on campus Fall 2015, and is a second year student from Nigeria recently stated, "At Missouri Western you get more than just an education, you get an experience of a life time. You are more than just a student, you are a community member, you belong to a family. Being here has exceeded my expectations of the college experience of an International Student greatly. This was definitely the right choice for me."

Deir Montiel Dominguez is from Puebla, Mexico. He is a senior studying International Studies and Spanish Culture and Literature double majors with a plan on graduating at the end of Fall 2017 semester. "Missouri Western gives you an incentive to feel intertwined with all students and professors that become mentors. An opportunity to get involved and feel like you are part of something bigger than just an education. MWSU allows you to vision the possibilities of what your future holds."
Charity Page is a St. Joseph native that has a passion for learning about different cultures, including a transformative study abroad experience in Japan. She is working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and she plans to graduate in May, 2018. "I am so happy that I can easily make connections with so many different people from around the world at MWSU. The professors and the students here are so friendly and inclusive. It doesn't take long for everyone to feel like they belong on this campus. I also enjoy the supportive atmosphere of the international community here. Everyone learns from each other and helps one another."