International Student Services

International Diplomats

The International Diplomat program aims to enhance the international student experience at Missouri Western State University by connecting new international students with student mentors, creating a mutually beneficial relationship to help students succeed both academically and socially, and become global citizens.


  • To help new international students adjust to life at Missouri Western and the culture shock they experience in their first few months in the U.S.
  • To connect international students with a peer mentor who can help them get acquainted with the resources and programs available at MWSU and in St. Joseph
  • To encourage international students and mentors to engage in extra-curricular activities at MWSU and in the St. Joseph community
  • To create foundations for long term friendships across continents and cultures
  • To allow mentors the opportunity to learn about another culture
  • To help international and domestic students increase interactions with students from other countries and cultures, in line with MWSU’s strategic planning initiatives and the AQIP Action Project, internationalization of the MWSU student population