International Student Services

Visit University

Agents are welcome to request appointment to visit campus.  Visit dates may be arranged between October 1-November 15, and April 15-July 15.  Arrival dates are subject to final approval from the International Strategic Enrollment Management committee.

Therefore, visit proposal and travel plans should be made 6 weeks before the planned visit day.  The office if happy to furnish a letter of invitation, upon request.  Send email to request virtual meeting opportunity to attention of Ms. Ann Rahmat, Director of International Recruitment.

Also, current and prospective student placement agency may schedule a visit if participating in the either NAFSA, AIRC, and/or ICEF, and relevant conferences.  TO BE ANNOUNCED

  1. NAFSA 2017, Los Angeles, California
  2. AIRC 2017, Weston, Florida
  3. ICEF 2017, Miami, Florida