Instructional Media Center

Video Services Policies

Production Procedures

    • Video production is case specific, so it is important to contact Video Services as far in advance of the use date as possible. Production time will be estimated at the first meeting scheduled to discuss the project.
    • The workload of Video Services is structured around distance education delivery. The ability to do video production in a specific timeframe will vary from semester to semester. Should Video Services not be able to address specific requests, clients will be referred to video production services in the community.
    • Video production is done on a first-come-first-served basis. The quality of previously scheduled projects will not be compromised to expedite the completion of new requests.
    • Video Services will be remunerated for consumables and depending on the project, possibly student labor time.
    • Video Services abides by all applicable copyright guidelines.
    • Neither equipment nor production services are available for personal use. Video Services must not compete with local, for-profit service providers.
  • Production is not done for student-initiated projects.