Instructional Media Center


The following are common problems that can be remedied by following the instructions below. Many machines reset themselves when shut off and turned back on. That is always good to try if nothing else works. Please contact Classroom Services at x4395 or report a problem with the "Equipment Trouble Report Form" if you cannot get the problem solved.

Computer monitor is not working
This is only for projecting an image from the desktop, see Laptop instructions for further help. Ensure the 2 button switcher, typically located beside the desktop computer is on the correct input (desktop).
Computer audio is not working
If the computer audio is not working, check the following:
  1. The Document Camera/Computer Audio on control panel must be selected.
  2. Volume knob on the control panel must be turned up.
  3. Audio on the computer control panel may be muted. To Fix: Double-click on the Speaker Volume icon on the lower right of screen, check to see if muted.
Contact Classroom Services if the above does not solve the problem.
Cannot get wireless mouse to work
The batteries may be dead in the wireless mouse. Contact Classroom Services for replacement.
Laptop computer will not display on the video projector
  1. Ensure that the VGA cable is plugged into the back of the laptop and the power cord to the laptop is plugged in.
  2. Make sure "Computer" is selected on the rack.
  3. Look at the symbols on the Function Keys at the top of the laptop's keyboard. One of them should have the letters "LCD/CRT" or symbols resembling a laptop and a monitor.
  4. Hold down the Function key as well as that key. There are three different display options. Press those two buttons until the image appears on both the laptop and the video projector.
  5. If you are in a room with a desktop computer installed, make sure A/B box is selected to laptop. Usually located by the tower.
    Video Projector
    Video Projector image is rolling
    If the image you want to project is rolling on the screen, you may try the following to fix it.
    1. Switch back and forth between the computer and rack input buttons slowly.
    2. Try turning the projector off and allow to cool down. (Approx. 1 minute) Turn back on and problem should be corrected.
    3. Contact Classroom Services if the problem persists.
    VCR tape will not play
    1. Make sure the tape is rewound.
    2. Ensure that the video projector is turned on, "Rack" input is selected, and "VCR" is also selected.
    VCR image is rolling
    See "Video Projector"
    Cable TV is playing and I can not turn it off
    Advance the VCR channel selector to A1 or A2 using the channel select buttons or turn the VCR power off.
    VCR will not show closed captioning
    If you need closed captioning, please call Classroom Services at x4395 at least three days in advance. The tape you are using must have closed captioning information recorded on it.
    Wireless microphone
    Wireless microphone is not working or is cutting out
    Insert a new battery into the microphone. Make sure the clear plastic casing is removed from the battery if it has it and the battery is installed properly.
    Wireless microphone audio is too low or too loud
    1. Physically move the microphone closer to your mouth, such as on your collar.
    2. If the audio is too loud, physically move the microphone further from your mouth, such as to your chest.
    3. If you think there is a problem with the audio level please report it to Classroom Services.
    Overhead projector
    Overhead projector will not light up
    Make sure that the overhead projector is plugged into a power outlet that works. If there is still a problem, then the bulb is burned out.
    1. First unplug the projector.
    2. Then to toggle to a new bulb; open the top cover and rotate the changer knob to the other bulb.
    3. Close the cover and plug the projector back in.
    4. Then call Classroom Services at x4395 and let them know that a new bulb needs to be installed.
    Overhead projector doesn't focus
    Move the projector closer to the screen.
    Overhead projector image is not big enough
    Move the projector further away from the screen.
    Document camera
    Document camera image is not projecting
    1. Check the front of the document camera and ensure that the input "Doc Cam" is selected, if not press that button.
    2. Make sure the video projector is turned on.
    3. Make sure the Rack button is selected and Document Camera is selected.
    4. In labs with portable Document Cameras make sure the video projector is turned on and the Video button is selected.
    Document camera color is incorrect
    Find the button on the front of the document camera marked POSI/NEGA and make sure P for positive is selected.
    Document camera is out of focus
    1. Press the "AUTO" button under focus to have the document camera focus the image.
    2. To manually focus the image, use the two "Manu" buttons, "N" and "F".
    Document camera image is rolling
    See "Video Projector"