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Classroom Services Policies

Client Responsibility

  • Equipment is available to Missouri Western faculty, staff and students for college related activities only. Faculty or group sponsors place orders for equipment used by students. When ordering portable equipment for use, you will be asked if it is going to be used off-campus.If so, the IMC must schedule those items that are insured specifically for off-campus use.

Equipment use is subject to the following:

By accepting this equipment: I agree that the equipment will be used for Missouri Western State University purposes only. This equipment is property of Missouri Western State University and the State of Missouri. Should it be damaged, lost or stolen while in my possession, I or my department/recognized University group will be responsible for the costs or repair or replacement that are not covered by insurance. Please Keep the equipment secure. Keep the equipment away from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight and liquids. Keep the equipment ventilation slots clear of obstructions. Place the equipment on a stable surface for use. Do not attempt to service the equipment yourself. Call 816-271-4395 for assistance.

Portable Presentation Equipment

    • All equipment is scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis.
    • It is in your best interest to schedule your needs as far in advance as possible, yet orders may be attempted up to 24 hrs prior to the need. Late requested items may need to be picked up from Classroom Services due to standing service obligations.
    • Classroom Services will do equipment deliveries, pick-ups, and setups within regular office hours M-F 7:45am-4:30pm.
    • Clients using portable equipment after 4:30pm or on weekends may be required to take the equipment with them and return it on the following workday.
    • Equipment required by students must be ordered by the faculty/college sponsor for classroom use or student group events. The equipment will be delivered to and picked-up from the faculty/college sponsor … or picked-up from and returned to Classroom Services by the faculty/college sponsor.
    • Portable equipment is delivered by Classroom Services staff to all buildings within Downs Drive, weather permitting.
    • Classroom Services cannot deliver to student residence halls, the Stadium, the Fitness Center, or the Missouri Department of Conservation Building. Anyone in those areas needing equipment may pick it up and return it or request that the Physical Plant move the items. You must notify Physical Plant a minimum of fourteen (14) workdays in advance.
    • Please note that equipment is often transferred from one classroom to another. Difficulty accessing the equipment may delay the arrival for the next use. With your cooperation, Classroom Services attempts to keep inconveniences to a minimum.
    • If you wish to keep items longer than originally scheduled, please call Classroom Services as soon as possible. Because of other obligations for the equipment, an extension is not always possible.
  • Certain insured equipment is available for off-campus use for Missouri Western work-related presentations only.

Special Events

    • For those who are not familiar with the rooms equipment a representative of a group must arrange for planning and training time prior to the actual event.
    • Scheduling equipment and/or technicians for seminars, workshops and special events require a 14 working day notice. The “pool” of staff and special equipment is limited.
  • Events requiring dedicated technicians that are not directly related to a class may be required to reimburse for technician time. (Example: Groups using MC 101, who require a technician, will need to reimburse for technician time to setup, tear down, and ‘operate’ an event.).

Problems With Equipment

    • Should IMC equipment fail, call x4395. Please do not attempt to fix the equipment on your own.
  • If the problem occurs during your class or event and you would like someone to come to fix the problem please ask the Classroom Services staff to interrupt your class or event.