Instructional Media Center

Checkout Equipment

The following equipment is available from Classroom Services. You can order this equipment by calling us at 271-4395 or submit an equipment request form.
Boom Box
  • Digital Boombox plays CDs, tapes, and MP3s.
  • Boombox provides USB plug-in and power cord.
Conference Camera System
conference phone
  • Used for Zoom, Skype, or Panopto. Internet access required.
Document Camera
  • Used with a computer to capture documents as streaming video, still images, or recorded video.
DVD or Bluray
  • Please let us know if a Bluray is specifically required
  • For holding posterboards. Also available with blank paper or to write on.
  • Multiple models and sizes available. Installed programs (Windows 10 EDU, Office 2016, Firefox, Adobe DC, Chrome, Zoom, Panopto). Laptop bag includes: Power cable, VGA or HDMI cable, wireless mouse, wired mouse, security cable.
Laser Pointer
  • Used for in classroom pointer. Capable of reaching full length of any classroom.
  • Battery powered.
  • Can connect to a computer through either an HDMI cable or VGA cable.
  • 40 inch TV
Listening Assist
  • Listening assist is available in events spaces and classrooms upon request. Please give at least 48 hours notice if possible.
Logitech Headphones
  • Standard ⅛” plug in.
  • Can be used with computers, mp3 players, digital voice recorders, etc.
Photo Booth
  • Fun unique opportunity for any event.
  • Green Screen backdrop adds whatever background needed for your event.
  • Prints in as little as 10 seconds.
  • This service does come with a charge, we will email you with the appropriate information if this is selected on the Facility Request Form or Equipment Request Form.
Polycom Conference Phone
  • Used for any conference calls.
  • Digital phone line required.
Portible Large Audience Audio System
  • Large PA System with Microphone and computer/cellphone hookups.
  • Good for crouds of 10-300 people.
Portible amp/speaker with microphone
portable amp
  • Adjustable volume controls suitable for small to maedium sized venues.
  • XLR, 1/8", and RCA inputs.
  • 1/8" Line out.
  • Wireless microphone included in bag.
Portible Handy Camera
  • Can be used to record events.
  • Recorded video can be transferred directly off of camera onto a computer.
  • Comes with power cable and USB cable to transfer footage.
Note: Available with or without tripod.
Portable Projector Cart
  • Portable projector screens are available .
Portable Projection Screens
  • Portable screen in three sizes:
    • 96x96 inches
    • 70x70 inches
    • 50x50 inches
  • Used for off campus presentations in rooms without installed projector systems.
Portable Video Projector
  • Portable projector used for off campus presentations.
  • Used to project laptop, DVD's, or VCR's.
Slide Projector
  • Used for displaying 35mm slides onto a screen.
  • Comes with wired remote control and slide carousel.
  • Wireless remotes need to be ordered separately and do require special instruction.
Speaker Phone - White
  • Speaker phone to be used for small phone conferences.
  • Features a receiver and a speaker mounted into the base of the phone.
Tall Mic Stand
  • Microphone and stand meant to be placed on floor.
  • Tall adjustable stand suitable for any height range.
Note: To be used with rooms that have installed audio amplification systems.
  • We have student technicians available Monday-Saturday to assist with events or av equipment around campus.
  • If a Technician is requested for an event, there is a charge for this service.
Voice Recorder
voice recorder2
  • Digital recorder for audio files.
  • Built in USB enables you to transfer the files directly off of the recorder onto your computer.
  • Built in folder functionality to help organize your recordings.
  • Enabled for live audio and video capture for Skype and other web conferencing programs.
  • Connects directly to the computer for audio/video capturing and upload.
Wireless Mic System
  • Wireless microphone and receiver can be used with many types of amplification systems.
  • Has 1/4in and XLR ports.
Note: The wireless microphone system does not come with a speaker system, but a portable speaker can be separately ordered.
Wireless Mouse
  • Wireless mouse uses a USB port to plug into any computer.
  • Can be used for slide shows or for other presentation purposes.
  • Has a built in laser pointer.