Human Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you receive my application materials?
If you applied via email, a reply email will be sent to you to let you know that we did receive your materials. Also, a letter is mailed out to the candidates confirming that their application materials were received via mail.
Was my application forwarded to the search committee for review?
If you meet the minimum qualifications of the position, have submitted all of the information requested and no other job related issues with your application (that may raise a red flag) exist, your application was more than likely forwarded. Due to the large number of qualified applications we receive, the search committee’s are simply unable to interview every qualified applicant. Search committee’s are instructed to rate the candidates based on the suitability for the position. This means that unfortunately, in some cases, some qualified candidates are not interviewed.
You've received my application materials. Is there any additional information I can provide?
If additional information is needed, we will contact you regarding those particular documents.
A long time has passed since I submitted my application for a position and I haven’t been notified to be set up for an interview? Why?
Unfortunately, some positions take longer to fill then others. A letter will be mailed to you if you provided your mailing address notifying you that we have received your application materials.
When are they going to start interviewing for the position I applied for?
Interviews are scheduled by search committees, therefore, we may not know exactly when interviews will begin or end.
How soon do they need someone to start for the position I applied for?
Generally, departments need someone to start as soon as possible. Most candidates will need to give two weeks notice, so in most cases, someone would start after those two weeks.
Who can I contact to check on the status of my application? I'd like to know where I am in the process.
Due to the large number of applications submitted and the high volume of applicant inquiries we receive regarding the status of their applications, we are unable to provide this information. You will be contacted in the event you are selected for an interview, or a courtesy letter will be sent to let you know if your application materials have been included in the pool to the search committee.
How soon can I expect to hear something about the position I applied for?
Applications are not usually reviewed until the deadline has been met for that position. This process may be lengthy at times, so we do ask for your patience and cooperation during this time. The Human Resources Recruiter and search committee members have to review all applications, so some positions are filled quickly; others may be open for longer periods of time. This depends on many factors: number of applicants, time schedule of the search committee/department, and how busy that department may be at any particular time. **Please note: If your application is incomplete (i.e., sections left blank, months and years of employment not included, work and personal reference contact information missing, gaps in employment not explained, lack of your signature, address/phone number is not included and so on...), we will not contact you to inform you that it is incomplete. It is the applicant's responsibility to read the directions on the application, which inform applicants that missing or lack of requested information may result in the application not being considered.
The position I applied for is no longer on the posting or web site. Has it been filled?
If a position is no longer posted, it may be filled or we could still be reviewing applications or interviewing. We do not accept applications after the posted deadline.
A position I applied for has been filled; will you keep me in mind for other positions I may be qualified for?
Due to a high volume of applicants to the University and a large volume of similar requests, it is difficult for us to do this. Please keep an eye on our web site for new opportunities. If you see a position for which you are qualified, you must submit new application materials.
Do I need to take a skills test?
If the position you applied for requires a minimum typing speed, attention to detail, or proficiency in various computer software programs, etc., you may be required to take tests. However, we only test final candidates who have been interviewed and are serious candidates.
I’d like to apply for a position, but I don’t have time to bring my application to your office. What can I do?
Applications may be obtained at the Human Resources Office, downloaded from our Web site, and can be mailed, e-mailed to or sent via fax. Please be sure to indicate the job title on your application of the position for which you are applying, and be sure we receive it before the deadline date.
I am having trouble downloading the application. Can you just send me an application?
Unfortunately, we can’t mail applications to prospective applicants. If you have problems downloading our application, you may (or a friend or family member) obtain an application from our office located in the Popplewell Building Room 117.
Is there a deadline for the position I am interested in?
Each position lists an application deadline. Your completed application must be received by Human Resources by that date in order to be considered. Once the deadline has been met, the applications are reviewed.
Do you keep resumes/applications on file?
Yes, but they are not used for applying for other positions. These resumes/applications are kept in a position file for the particular position for which you applied, therefore, you must submit new application materials for each position you apply for. Resumes/applications are forwarded to different hiring search committees for each position, so that is why we cannot use them for applying for other positions.
Can I contact the search committee for more information?
Unfortunately, we cannot release the names of the search committee members for the positions we have available. If we did so, they would be getting numerous calls from applicants, which may interfere with their regular job duties and may end up slowing down the hiring process. If you have additional questions about the specific job(s) you are applying for, please wait to ask them if you are scheduled for an interview.
Can I get a hard copy of the Job Opportunities Posting?
You can view our job postings outside of our office on the bulletin board or here on our web site, but we ask that the job postings are not removed from the bulletin board. If you would need a hard copy please talk to the Recruiting Specialist in HR.
If I bring one copy of my application materials to your office, will you make copies for me?
Due to the numerous requests for this service, we are unable to make copies of application materials for applicants. Please take care of this before arriving to our office.