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Missouri Western provides medical and prescription coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield to all benefit eligible employees. Employees have a choice of two base plans or two buy-up plans. Missouri Western pays 100% of the employee’s premium of enrollment in one of the base plans. The High Deductible Health Plan includes participation in a Health savings Account (HSA).

Employees may choose to participate in the buy-up plan if they would like to increase their level of coverage, lower co-pays or deductibles, lower out-of-pocket expenses or expand the eligible provider network. The employee pays the difference between the base plan premium and the buy-up plan.

BCBS Enrollment Form
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Medical Plan Choices – Benefit Plan Summary
Base Plans Buy-up Plans
Preferred-Care Blue PPO – Base
MWSU PPO Base Plan Summary 2016
Blue-Care HMO
MWSU HMO Plan Summary 2016
Preferred-Care Blue/Blue Saver- HSA
MWSU HDHP Blue Saver Plan Summary 2016
Preferred-Care Blue PPO  – Buy-Up
MWSU PPO BuyUp Plan Summary 2016

Detailed information regarding the medical plans is distributed annually and during the new employee benefit orientation.  The medical plan documents are linked above under ‘Medical Plan Choices – Benefit Plan Summary’.

Benefit coverage begins on the 1st day of the month following the date of employment (ex: hire date August 20, benefit coverage begins September 1).

Spouse and Eligible Dependents
Employees may also choose to cover their spouse or eligible dependents under the medical insurance. Employees are responsible for 100% of the premium cost for coverage of a spouse or eligible dependents through payroll deduction. Deductions can be made on a pre-tax basis.

Medical Plan Cost and Additional Benefits

Rate Sheets – 2015:

Additional BCBS Benefits:

HSA Documents:

UMB Customer Service 866-520-4472

Prescription Coverage
Employees and dependents with medical coverage are eligible for Blue Cross Blue Shield Rx Pharmacy Network coverage. Employees and their dependents with medical coverage also may participate in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Rx Pharmacy Network mail order prescription program to obtain a three (3) month supply of their medications.

Medical Certificates
MWSU HMO Certificate 2015
MWSU Base PPO Certificate 2015
MWSU Buy Up PPO Certificate 2015
MWSU HDHP Blue Saver Certificate 2015