Human Resources

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

For individuals seeking assistance, please call the helpline at 800-624-5544 or log in to

MWSU EAP Overview

Missouri Western provides employee assistance program (EAP) for employees to receive short-term counseling on issues which may adversely affect job performance. Confidential assistance is provided for a variety of problems, including alcohol and drug abuse, financial, marital, family, legal, or emotional problems. Eligible employees may receive 6 FREE  sessions per incident.

Most of us experience a variety of problems during our lifetime that we manage very well. However, there are times when we may have problems that affect our personal happiness, family relations, health, and job performance. If we find ourselves in this kind of situation, we may need professional intervention. The EAP is offered to employees to help them get this professional help when they need it.

An employee’s decision to participate in the program is a private matter. Therefore, the nature of the problem and the progress toward a solution is strictly confidential. In some extreme cases, employees may be asked or required to access the EAP as a result of poor job performance. However, this constitutes a supervisory referral and the employee may be asked to sign a confidentiality waiver in order for the supervisor to play a more active role in the resolution of the problem.