Human Resources


Absence Report

Sick Leave

Sick leave is defined to mean any period of time an employee is absent from work due to illness, injury or any physical incapacitation without loss of normal pay. Sick leave may be used for illness of the employee or an immediate family member.

  • Faculty: accrue 8 sick leave hours per month during their regular academic contract. Additional sick leave hours may be accrued during June and/or July if faculty teach summer school.
  • Exempt and Non-exempt staff: accrue 8.67 sick leave hours per month
  • Sick leave is prorated for employees working half-time or more but less than full-time
  • Maximum accrual is capped at 1,008 hours for in-house use

Vacation Leave

Vacation time is time off with pay for relaxation. Vacation hours may reach an equivalent of 2 years’ accumulation. If no vacation is taken, the amount that exceeds the maximum accrual will be forfeited.

  • Exempt staff: accrue 13.34 hours of vacation per month
  • Non-exempt staff: with 0-6 years of service accrue 8 hours of vacation per month; 7-10 years of service accrue 10 hours; 11+ years of service accrue 13.34 hours
  • Faculty do not accrue vacation

Personal Leave

Personal days are provided for use by all Administrators, Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff.

  • New Hires will be eligible for personal days following the completion of 6-months continuous employment.
  • All receive 2 working days per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30)
  • All will receive 1 additional day after 5 years of continuous employment
  • Faculty are not eligible for personal leave
  • Unused personal days will not carry forward from year to year

Family Bereavement

Faculty, Administrators, Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff will be eligible for a maximum of three (3) working days for bereavement per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) to be used in connection with the death of an immediate family member. Unused bereavement days will not carry forward from the previous year.

For purposes of this policy, an immediate family member is defined as follows:

  • Spouse;
  • Parents, including step-parents or in-laws;
  • Grandparents, including step or in-laws;
  • Child, including step, half or adopted;
  • Grandchild, including step, half or adopted;
  • Brother, including in-laws and step, half or adopted;
  • Sister, including in-laws and step, half or adopted; or
  • Any other relative residing in the same household as the employee.

Jury Duty

All employees who are requested by proper authorities to appear as a witness or serve as a member of a jury are entitled to their regular compensation and no deduction will be made for time absent. Absence due to jury duty should be reported to the immediate supervisor; with a copy of the jury notice and absence report forwarded to HR for the employee’s personnel file.

Military Leave – contact HR for more information


Please refer to the Missouri Western Policy Guide for policy language.