Honors Program

Majors Honors

To earn Majors Honors, students must:

1.  Be accepted to the Honors Program and in good standing,

2.  Work under the direction of a professor within the department of their chosen major to conduct investigative research,

3. Complete six hours of colloquia, or four hours of additional colloquia if the student had achieved General Studies Honors for a total of 10 hours of colloquia,

4.  Complete two three-credit hour major classes, determined by the student’s department and the Honors Program Director, and

5.  Present his or her work at a regional or national conference, or a professional venue, or submit his or her work for publication in a professional journal.

Students must receive a grade of A or B in all Honors Courses in order for them to count toward Majors Honors.

Students wishing to pursue this option need to complete the “Majors Honors Approval Form” before the onset of the project, which is available in the Forms tab.

The Majors Honors designation will appear on the student’s transcript.  The student will be awarded a medal the semester in which he/she is graduating to be worn at the commencement ceremony.