Honors Program


What is the deadline for applying for the Golden Griffon Scholarship?
February 1st
How do I apply for the Golden Griffon Scholarship?
The scholarship can be applied for online only. Please go to the link on the Golden Griffon Scholarship page.
When will I find out if I'm receiving the Golden Griffon Scholarship?
The notification is approximately the third week of February. Both those who are receiving the Golden Griffon Scholarship offer and those who are not will be notified.
Am I allowed to edit the application after I submit it?
Yes, you may edit your application up to the submission deadline (February 1st).
If I am awarded the Golden Griffon Scholarship, what are my obligations?
Golden Griffon Scholarship recipients are required to pursue General Studies Honors, participate in an MWSU club or organization and maintain a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA. If feasible, recipients are expected to live on the Academic Achievement Floor in Vaselakos Hall if accepting the housing portion of the scholarship.