Honors Program

General Studies Honors

To earn General Studies Honors, students must:

1. Be accepted into the Honors Program and maintain good standing,

2.  Complete six General Studies courses with an Honors designation, and

3.  Complete six credit hours of Honors Colloquia.

Students must receive a grade of A or B in all Honors Courses in order for them to count toward General Studies Honors.

The achievement of General Studies Honors appears on the student’s transcript.  The student is awarded a medal the semester in which he/she is graduating to wear at the commencement ceremony.

Each semester, departments across campus offer a variety of general studies honors courses designed for 10 to 20 students.  One of the unique features of the Honors program is the colloquia, which are theme-based experiences involving panel discussions, presentations, guest speakers, outside readings, films and field trips. Different colloquia are offered each semester, and recent colloquia topics included Climate Change, Global Warming, Ice Ages and the Future of Human Kind and Nineteenth-Century Paris: La Belle Epoque. Some have included trips to Paris, New York City or New Orleans.