Department of History & Geography


Through its examination of the social, economic, political, and military experience of earlier societies and civilizations, the discipline of history provides a framework for understanding events, trends and developments in contemporary life and culture. The study of history is not merely an academic endeavor; rather it is a lifelong pursuit for those who wish to see where we are headed as a nation, as a global community and as a species.


Tower-BridgeMissouri Western’s history program provides students with a broad understanding of historical events and topics across time, as well as in-depth analysis of specific eras and themes. With smaller class sizes and a focus on reading, writing and discussion, students are introduced to the tools of the historian’s craft.

Students may major in history receiving a B.A./B.S. or a B.A./B.S. with Teacher Certification. Students majoring in all other disciplines may minor in either United States or European history.


Students who excel in history will be invited to join Phi Alpha Theta, a national history honor society that promotes the study of history through research, teaching and publishing. The Phi Alpha Theta chapter at Missouri Western is an active university organization with monthly meetings and regular academic and social activities.


Geography is the study of Earth and the human and physical processes that shape it. Geographers seek to describe,  relate and explain the natural and human phenomena that distinguish places around the world. Studying geography increases students’ ability to think spatially, analyze complex situations and trends, and draw logical inferences  from them. Geography often functions as a bridge between the natural and the social sciences.

Missouri Western’s geography program provides students with an introduction to human and physical geography, as well as hands-on technical experience with GIS (geographic information systems), GPS (global positioning systems), and research tools in physical geography. Options include courses in world geography,  European geography, economic geography, regional studies in the US and Canada, and physical geography.  A minor in geography is available to students majoring in any discipline. Students completing a geography minor are better prepared for careers in a variety of disciplines including environmental science, biology, marketing, cultural studies, and geospatial technologies.